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Feb 7, 2016 8:25 AM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Feb 7, 2016

My vision involves developing an online counselling business called ‘HeadRight Counselling’ that is a professional, convenient and contemporary approach to people’s counselling needs. The business will be based on reliable therapeutic models, neuroscience (how our brains work and the effects this has on our daily experiences), and by incorporating structured progress reviews against desired outcomes to maximise clients’ success. The underlying theme of the business is to provide, “Online counselling that helps you get your Head Right”.

Largely as a result of client-feedback, it’s become clear that many people find challenges with the counselling experience in the following ways:

1. Attending face-to-face counselling is inconvenient usually based on the distance to travel, coupled with a lack of available time.

2. The interactions with counsellors/psychologists can be strangely impersonal or overly-academic.

3. There was a lack of genuine insight into client-experiences, new strategies/techniques to apply in daily life, or progress reviews against goals – people often feel that they simply had a conversation with no tangible benefit.

This is why I hope to develop a counselling practice that suits their wants and needs, rather than doing the same thing as everyone else.

Whether people have experienced challenges to overcome, or set life-goals to achieve, it’s possible that they’ve spent time with a talk-therapist or coach in the past. If it was a less-than-ideal experience, it’s likely that the primary cause was a lack of a genuine connection with that person. There are an incredible amount of published studies that have identified what contributes to successful counselling outcomes, and they consistently show that that the relationship between a counsellor and a client (known as the ‘therapeutic alliance’) is key.

Why? Because talk-therapy can only ever be done with someone, not to someone (unlike surgery, for example). Without rapport and trust, any kind of meaningful or purposeful relationship will be extremely limited, if possible at all. What I seek to develop with clients is a ‘personal relationship within a professional framework’ so that they feel genuinely supported in getting from ‘Point A to Point B’ by someone with the required expertise. To assist people in making that decision, they will be able to have a free consultation with me so that they can determine if I’m the right counsellor for them – no cost, no obligation.

All funds raised will be used to develop a user-friendly website (and app once the business is established), and to pay for both print (pamphlet) and online (SEO) advertising. I’m also hoping to purchase a more reliable computer due to the need for a stable device for online counselling sessions.

As a small way of thanking you for your support, every donation of $100.00 or more will entitle you to a session with me at HeadRight Counselling. Also, I would like to add your name to a ‘People That Helped Make This Happen’ section on the website to recognise your contribution.

I thank you greatly for your time in reading my proposal and for any funds donated to make it a reality. Stay tuned to see the evolution of HeadRight Counselling!


Contact Information:

Jules Pearce

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