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Feb 5, 2016 1:05 PM ET

Archived: Pencil Project – Raising funds to provide 2274 learners with basic stationery needs in rural KwaZulu-Natal

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 5, 2016

Edupeg Presents:
The Pencil Project
Raising funds to provide 2274 learners with basic
stationery needs in rural KwaZulu-Natal


Edupeg is a non-profit professional development organization focusing on the most important element in the schooling system – the teacher, by providing in-classroom support and mentorship to teachers in under-resourced schools. In KwaZulu-Natal we are currently supporting 30 teachers in 5 primary schools; Zuzokuhle, Zamifundo, Dalmeny, Phelelani, and Bonisanai Primary in the KwaMashu region. Edupeg’s mentors, Mrs G and Robyn Pitot, support their selected teachers each week and have observed that these schools dedicated teachers and eager learners are in need of basic educational resources to complement our current intervention for effective teaching and learning to take place. We are fundraising for basic stationery to address this deficit, to ensure that teachers can fulfill their roles to the best of their abilities and that learners can reach their full potential.

It is not uncommon to see three or more learners sitting at one desk and sharing one pencil between them for an entire class. Given that pencils and other basic educational resources are in high demand and short supply, they diminish quickly because so many learners rely on the same supplies.

This deficit of supplies creates an unsuitable learning environment for teachers and learners alike. Learners are unable to complete their tasks without proper writing utensils and often some of the teacher’s valuable time is spent trying to acquire and manage the distribution of resources, rather than solely focus on implementing their lesson plans. Inadequate educational resources in these schools compromise teachers’ efforts to administer the CAPS curriculum and to provide learners with an enriching learning experience. Learners pass through grades with insufficient reading and writing skills, as the lack of basic stationery severely reduces opportunities for them to practice.

Join our Crowd Funding campaign and put a pencil in a child’s hand.


Milestone 1 –  R10 000
The Tipping Point
The bare necessities.
Reaching this milestones enables us to supply each learner with thick pencils, thin pencils, pens and erasers.

Milestone 2 – R45 000
Basic essentials.
Reaching this milestone we can supply each learner with the bare necessities, plus a sharpener, scissors and a ruler.

Milestone 3 – R90 000
The Ultimate Goal
The full box. Adding colour.
Hitting this milestone means we can add thick and thin wax crayons and pencil crayons to the mix, adding colour to the learners school day. It will also allow us to send the packages to the schools and fulfill our rewards.

Website: http://edupeg.co.za/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EduPeg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Edupeg


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