Feb 4, 2016 5:18 PM ET

Archived: Reckless Good Intentions: A new album by Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 4, 2016

We’ve partnered up with our friends at RocketHub for our new album “Reckless Good Intentions” and the time has come to humbly ask for some help finishing it (we really want you to hear it.)   

Before we get started, as a thank you for simply checking this out, we’ve included a free download of our cover of Neil Young’s “For The Turnstiles”, on this page and our bandcamp site, enjoy!  https://freemandreandthekitchenparty.bandcamp.com/track/freeman-dre-the-kitchen-party-for-the-turnst…

We’ve approached this record a bit differently, commandeering Dre’s family cottage in the Ontario woods to make a throw-up studio curated by our own in-house producer/drummer Neil Macintosh. The tunes are written but recording and manufacturing costs are piling up, and now we come to you, hat in hand, asking for your support. 
Climb on board for the ride as we work with RocketHub to bring you a collaborative, unique pre-order experience.  We’ll be posting updates, sneak peeks of Kitchen Party antics, new music, and anything/everything else you could want to know about the album’s progress.  

Scroll down on the right of the page and check out just some of the perks that we’ve made available for this run. Everything from signed albums, Lonny’s Mom’s famous pickles, a book of Dre’s haikus, exclusive experiences, VIP house show opportunities, and more!   

Thank you for joining us on this trip.   

Freeman Dre & the Kitchen Party

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