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Jan 29, 2016 3:13 PM ET

Archived: Broadway Babysitters! – a referral only community of sitters and families to help actors in between gigs and families in need of amazing, trustworthy, vetted, and artistic people to care for their children

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 29, 2016

Broadway Babysitters!

Hi everyone! Vasthy Mompoint and I need some help! I am teaming up with this  rad woman who is an actress and entrepreneur,  she has been developing almost exactly the same thing, so we decided to join forces and make an even better company! We have a dreeeeeeam…..a dream about you, Babyyyy……We are starting a business called Broadway Babysitters that will be a referral only community of sitters and families; it will help actors keep their dream and the arts alive in between gigs, and it will help families in need of amazing, trustworthy, vetted, and artistic people to care for their children. PLUS, what sets us apart from other services are the “extras,” a parent can hire a sitter to babysit, and also maybe give a voice lesson while they’re there. Or a dance lesson. Or take them on a backstage tour of a broadway show. There are endless possibilities. Our placeholder site is www.broadwaybabysitters.com, check it out, we’ve already got more that 150 sitters and familes on our early sign-up lists!

What do we need the money for? The actual working website is going to be more expensive than we expected to get started. It is going to be very involved, with interactive calendars, matching services, ecommerce, maps, and the login features that keep it referral-only, (well beyond our IT skills),  plus hosting and domain.  And that’s the BASIC version to make it user-friendly and efficient!!! The web designer we found is in the biz, and if all goes well, we’re hoping to expand to LA, Chicago, and beyond. We have such a tight theatre community, and we can all help each other stay afloat in these tough financial times! Anything will help, even one thin dime!  THANK YOU!!!!!! (Also, if someone wanted to invest in this idea, we would not be opposed!)



Contact Information:

Vasthy Mompoint

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