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Jan 28, 2016 6:01 PM ET

Archived: Kaleidoscope: a joyous, poetic circus experience that explores beauty found in the smallest things

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 28, 2016
Come and view life through Ethan’s eyes in ‘Kaleidoscope’ a joyous, poetic circus experience that explores beauty found in the smallest things.

Flipside Circus student, Ethan Langridge, was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at age four. Because of this syndrome Ethan perceives the world differently. He understands the world through touch; senses his surroundings with the pads of his fingers or the tips of his toes and he, unwittingly, invited his mother to view his world with him.

Johanna Wharton, Ethan’s mother, described stepping into Ethan’s world as ‘the joy of walking through shafts of colour and light; a dazzling kaleidoscope’. She wrote a book about her experiences with Ethan that inspired the creation of ‘Kaleidoscope’ the show, a work that allows Ethan to express himself, through a physical form he loves, circus. The show journeys through the ups and downs of everyday life and celebrates the unique spirit of Ethan.

Sometimes the heart breaks and cracks open because so much love is bursting through’-Ethan

Kaleidoscope is co-produced by Flipside Circus and Company 2
and co-created and directed by Chelsea McGuffin with the ensemble of Company 2, Ethan Landgride and Johanna Wharthon.

Be part of the process

Join us at the Flipside Circus Training Centre in Alderley, QLD on the 25th of March for a meet and greet session with the wonderful Kaleidoscope artists. Be a part of the Kaleidoscope journey, experience the rehearsal and creative process of the show before it’s premier in April at the Judith Wright Centre and ask all of the artists any questions you have about circus, arts and the show itself.


Youth Arts is in danger of becoming forgotten about. Government funding cuts are creating challenges for all art forms but youth arts seem to have taken a big hit. Projects for young people need support and need funds to help them reach full potential. Stories like Ethan’s are rich and full of hope and need to be shared. All of us can relate to some part of Ethan’s story and it is important to offer the younger generations the opportunity and voice to speak out and express through their choice of art form.  Ethan’s life is already full of challenges and obstacles just trying to fit in each day. Let’s take this opportunity to turn his challenges into some enlightenment for us all.

Some of my other work

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Flipside Circus
Progress can be followed on Facebook
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Contact Information:

Chelsea McGuffin

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