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Jan 25, 2016 6:52 PM ET

Archived: Help us build a future for the deaf children in Uganda

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 25, 2016

In Uganda, deaf people are called “kasiru” which means stupid or fool. The deaf in Uganda are often thought of as curses, taboos, a waste of a life, people without use and are outcasts in their communities. Many deaf children are rejected or abused by their families. They live their lives in isolation. Many of them grow up with no language at all. 

Boanerges Deaf Initiative (BDI) is crucial in the lives of Uganda’s deaf children. At BDI, the children find not only a place to learn, but a place where they are accepted and cherished. Unlike other schools for the deaf in Uganda, BDI’s school for the deaf does not require their students to pay tuition – simply because there is no one who can or who is willing to pay to educate these deaf children.

Presently, over fifty deaf children are crammed into a makeshift school the size of many American living rooms. Teachers and students make the best of their circumstances by sharing classrooms. The reality is that there are over 250,000 deaf children in Uganda, many of whom have no access to an education. While the heart of BDI is to welcome every deaf child, unfortunately there is not space for even one more child.

A piece of land was donated to BDI several years ago in a village called Semuto. We have a big dream of building a school where we can welcome hundreds of Uganda’s deaf children to come and learn. The reality is that we cannot do this without you.

Your gift of any amount will help build a school for these children who have been rejected by their society. We know that these beautiful children can and will do great things in the future if only given the chance. Please consider partnering with us.


Boanerges Deaf Initiative (BDI) is a not for profit registered Ugandan organization. BDI is established to provide basic services to the deaf people of Uganda. BDI is located in the outskirts of Kampala – the main capital of Uganda. 


To build a new school for the deaf at our land in Semuto, located 35 miles from Kampala.


There are more than 250,000 deaf children in Uganda. We have a very small school for the deaf housing over 50 children and we simply cannot take in even one more child. We are constantly turning children away and it breaks our hearts.


We need your help. The building plans are made and we have a full budget to make our dreams come true. The building plan consists of a full school containing:

* 10 classrooms

* 1 office

* 1 library

* 1 worker’s room

* 1 kitchen

* Toilets


Contact Information:

Vickie Mølgaard-Madsen

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