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Jan 25, 2016 1:21 PM ET

Archived: CHLORUS – SWIMMING ONLINE NEWSPAPER: first online newspaper specializing in swimming

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 25, 2016
The Chlorus want to become the first online newspaper specializing in swimming to be recognized by the Regulatory Authority for the Media

 The Chlorus site, the Latin word which means Chlorine – chemical element used in the pools – was created on October 24, 2009. The site surged after an old idea of being able to create a information space that would bring together the various disciplines of swimming and other matters related to the water environment, through the means of communication which currently assumes a role of vital importance: the internet.

Along its path, the Chlorus became in areas related to swimming, the site with the highest number of visitors in Portugal, becoming the most successful project online with all swimming related news in our country.Yet, the lack of support led to the suspension of this news portal on July 1, 2012, but since then the successive appeals to the return of Chlorus, by the aquatic community are enormous.

The idea of reviving the Chlorus was gaining consistency, by the interest shown by the World of Sports in joining this project.Since then it was created a plan that reassures sustainability and durability of the site, moving forward, towards a Crowdfunding campaign.

The return of Chlorus depends on the success of this first step, which involves achieving the minimum goal of 6,500 Euros within 60 days. The financial guaranteed funding through Crowdfunding campaign will allow the site to be built, putting together a working team, buying indispensable materials for the creation of its content, among other necessities.

The Chlorus aim is to become the first Portuguese online journal specialized in swimming, and in time, to be recognized by the Regulatory Authority of the Media. The Chlorus, whose owner will be the World of Sports (WOS), will have daily and constant updates, following the regional, national and international, swimming competitions in all its disciplines (pure swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming, open water, adapted swimming and masters).

The editorial project will be led by Joaquim Sousa, founder of Chlorus and former journalist of the newspaper “The North Sports” and “O Primeiro de Janeiro”.

Contribute to make this project a reality! Thank you and see you soon! 



 The World of Sports (WOS) is a private management company of careers sports and sporting events. Its head quarters are in Funchal, in its executive board has an Agent FIFA called Bruna Machado (Director General of WOS), licensed by the Portuguese Football Federation.

Working not only in the football area, WOS wishes to expand its activity to all other Olympic sports, by believing than it can cooperate in the career management and image of the athletes that the WOS represents.

The WOS signed in 2014 a cooperation protocol with the Portuguese Swimming Federation, starting in parallel with management of the careers of some of the best Portuguese swimmers.

The WOS Company is currently made up of different departments such as: WOS Events departments, WOS Productions and WOS Shop. 

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