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Jan 24, 2016 8:30 AM ET

Archived: Marlin & Martha Cross, deadly Christmas tornado took home & belongings

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 24, 2016

On the evening of 12/26, a deadly Christmas tornado swept through the North Texas area ripping apart homes and taking the lives of loved ones. One of our very own co-workers, Allison Gooch’s parents, Marlin and Martha Cross were affected by this violent storm.  Their home and all belongings were taken from them. From the good graces of the Lord, they were fortunately not at home and were safe.

During the storm, Allison’s parents were in Las Vegas. When they caught word of what had happened, they immediately took a flight back home. American Airlines charged them $1,000 !! Can you believe it?!

However, Allison’s children and friends definitely had a guardian angel on their side that evening. Both Allison’s boys and his girlfriend were hanging out in the upstairs room of their grandparents house, it was only a few seconds before the storm ripped through their home, that the girlfriend, Savannah, shouted at everyone to get off the second floor and downstairs in the closet. Their lives could had been lost within a few seconds, because moments later, the entire second floor was ripped apart. Oddly enough, the only room that stayed intact was her mother & fathers bedroom closet on second floor. The entire first floor is flooded. They were not able to salvage a thing.  The entire neighborhood is currently shut down, not one person can get in the neighborhood.

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Melissa Charpentier

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