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Jan 21, 2016 12:57 PM ET

Archived: Cook Islands Business Incubator: to assist the business ideas of the young

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 21, 2016

The Cook Islands are a small group of islands in the Pacific, about 3000km north of New Zealand with a population of about 20,000 people spread across 14 islands in a 2,000,000km2 area. Current industries include fishing, black pearl farming and tourism at varying levels. The Cook Islands are also heavily reliant on donor funding to progress the country forward. Over the last several years, the Cook Islands have been subject to a series of natural disasters, leaving the small Pacific Nation limited in options to increase programs for young people to develop their dreams.

Development Constraints

With limited opportunities available for young people in the Cook Islands, there is a decline in the population of young motivated residents and business-driven, like-minded islanders. Unable to source opportunities to achieve their dreams, continues to cause young island residents to leave their homeland in search of work internationally. This decline, whilst unfortunate for the families and friends of the islands, is also decreasing the opportunity for the small island nation to prosper and move into a strong economically independent country.

Since 1991, the majority of the outer islands have also seen their population decline by up to 50%, making it difficult to sustain an economically sustainable government supported network of services. This in turn has the effect of pushing the Cook Islands further and further into the second and third world country status. As the Cook Islands move into the low developed country status, it also becomes heavily reliant on support from AID organisations and world banking type loan agreements to maintain a level of living conditions for its residents.


In addressing the issues in the Cook Islands, we are trying to establish a Business Incubator to assist the business ideas of the young so that they can implement change in the island nation and deliver growth and stability for future generations.

The Strategic Action Plan will include:

  • Setting up a business centre to allow easy access to connect government, community and the business sector together.
  • Provide education and learning through both formal and informal learning opportunities.
  • Assist in guiding business ventures from vision to maturity over a number of years through the use of a range of mentoring professionals.

Joining Together

To provide this opportunity for young people in the Cook Islands, A & M International Partners (AMIP) are looking to establish a Business Incubation Centre to support and connect business ideas with professional leaders around the world. If we all join together, we can not only change the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves but create a better place for all to enjoy.

So join us in this exciting business and support venture………..


Contact Information:

Andrew Williamson and Martine Moran

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