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Jan 20, 2016 10:01 AM ET

2 Birds Studio, Robin Parrott Photography

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 20, 2016
Personal Story

I grew up in the North Carolina in what people call the Deep South full of southern culture, funky accents, and fried chicken and grits. I was always curious and interested in adventure and my natural surroundings. I would often end up lost in the woods in my neighborhood back in a time when it was safe to be a kid and explore. I loved the water, learning to water ski when I was 3 years old behind my dads boat.

I moved to Ohio when I was 13 and then to Pennsylvania when I was 15. I became obsessed with all things art in high school filling my curriculum with as much drawing, painting, and photography classes as I could take. I moved to the Grand Canyon at 18 to work in the park where I focused on landscape photography and hiking. Then at 19 I got a job in Yellowstone Park which is still a source of profound inspiration to my photography and my love of nature.

My constant exposure to the outdoors lead me to become environmentally conscious as I grew older eventually moving to Berkeley California where I worked fundraising for the Clean Water Campaign and becoming involved with environmental groups trying to create positive change in our world. After 10 years in Northern California I moved to New Mexico with a desire to learn how to ride horses. This is where I met my partner of the last 7 years who is the father of my now 3 year old….the love and joy of my life. I do ride horses now, I even learned how to heard cattle and ride bare back. I believe any dream can come true for anyone. You just have to take the step towards what it is you want.

Business Description

I am a wedding photographer with 18 years in business. I started my business in North Carolina in 1998 after discovering there was a demand for a more creative approach to wedding photography. I spent two years saving for Northern California and in 2000 I moved a fairly new and thriving business to Berkeley. I live all over the Bay Area for 8 years including the Santa Cruz Mountains and Sonoma County shooting weddings. In 2008 I moved my business to New Mexico where I have been since. With much success in all of my moves I am expanding part time to Wyoming in 2016 and adding a Photo Booth business on top of my New Mexico business.

What is the purpose of this loan?

The loan will go toward the purchase of a $8500 Photo Booth. These booths are in high demand and I am the only vendor in Santa Fe with these services and only 1 of 5 in the whole state of New Mexico. As an add on to my wedding photography business and and a stand alone business for corporate events and parties I will be able to generate an additional $20,000 a year at the minimum. As the only provider for my family, I am excited about adding this additional service that will allow me to better support my son as he grows and provide him with a future education.

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