Canadawy Podcast: Canadawy is a podcasting service addressed to Middle-Eastern immigrants living in Canada. - iCrowdNewswire

Jan 14, 2016 11:00 AM ET

Canadawy Podcast: Canadawy is a podcasting service addressed to Middle-Eastern immigrants living in Canada.

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 14, 2016


Podcasting (online radio) becomes a very popular and interactive tool in the social media. Podcasting in 2015 is very much similar to blogging in 2004. It is exciting, evolving, and making serious trouble for traditional industries such as Journalism & Broadcasting. With the technology we have today, with a smart phone in every hand, traditional radio becomes a history. We all see people with headphones everywhere, in the gym, in transit, in the park, at work, while studying, or even when commuting. So the platform exists, it just needs the right app and a decent material to reach thousands of people who share the same interests and passion.

New Hobby

I have practiced different types of hobbies like painting, writing, blogging, and crafting. I am so excited to go through this new experience to be a podcaster and have my own channel.

I am Egyptian born, currently live in Toronto. I moved to Canada 12 years ago but still strongly tied to my home country and there are thousands of others just like me miss home, follow its news, listen to its music, and watch its classics.

Stronger Community

This podcasting will be addressed to Middle-Eastern immigrants living in Canada. This service will bring a warm touch from home to them. But most importantly is to help the newcomers to get integrated quickly in the Canadian system. This service will help them to understand the new life style, hook them with different programs for new immigrants, job banks, community centers, libraries, education programs, professional licensing and training, and much more.

Also, on the long term, this service will provide a platform to exchange knowledge and experience between community members for the sake of helping the newcomers. Free educational podcasts and webinars will be available through Canadawy’s website. The material will be developed gradually by volunteers to cover all disciplines.


The service will be in both Arabic and English languages. Topics will cover all life issues such as news, art, sports, culture, social activities, field reports with the public, interviews with prominent figures and much more. The plan is to start with a weekly show and increase the dosage gradually. Recruit talented guys to host more attractive shows as we go. Get the community members involved in developing this pioneer service to them. Actually, the main purpose of Kickstarter approach is to make the community part of building it up. Doors are open for everyone capable of sharing his/her ideas, knowledge, and skills with others.

I see there is a big need for such a service for my community and I need your help to establish the first Arabic-speaking podcasting service in Canada. I need the fund to purchase the equipment, develop the website and the app, and to start a marketing campaign.

I called it “CANADAWY”, which means Canadian in my own Language. You can follow our updates via this temporary website and facebook and twitter links shown below. Your help is really appreciated…

Thank you,


Contact Information:

Walid Elsayed

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