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Jan 13, 2016 7:21 PM ET

Archived: Re-Energizing Gateway: help with weatherization for the safety and health of seniors

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 13, 2016

the project

Re-Energizing Gateway will help low-income residents and seniors who own homes and need assistance with small weatherization projects such as weather stripping, caulking, safety issues.  This is primarily to keep the residents warm and safe in their homes while simultaneously lowering energy costs, at no cost to them.  To date, the EcoDistrict has received a small $5000 grant from the East Portland Action Plan.  The initial goal is to assist 8-15 homeowners and to later build on the process in order to help the district as a whole.   We have estimated the average cost per home will be between 250 – 500, based on discussions with the group from “Climate of Cully” and Community Energy Works who performs this type of work throughout the City.

We also intend to use local youth and worksource programs to hire and recruit volunteers for the different projects each home will need.  We will start by performing an energy audit of the homes and listing all of the different projects and materials needed.  We will then try and purchase in bulk the materials needed and also see what we can get donated by businesses within the district to pay for the work of 8-15 homes.  We will utilize experienced volunteers to perform the free audits and help train the other volunteers to perform the work.

the steps

We start with a kickoff party March 9, 2013 at the Immigrant Refugee Community Organization Community House to explain the program to the community.

We sign up as many interested residents that fit the criteria of 60 years or older as well as low income based on Federal guidelines of 50% of median household.

Using  youth volunteers and experienced professionals we perform the home audits creating a list of materials.

We purchase the materials in bulk or have the materials donated and then we perform the work. 

why we’re doing it

One of the goals of the Eco District is to lower carbon in our area by 25% before  or by 2020.  This helps meet the Portland Comprehensive Plan goals as well as the Portland Plan.

Contact Information:

Growing Gateway EcoDistrict

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