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Jan 12, 2016 2:06 PM ET

Archived: HART Tour to NZ and Adelaide: A one-man verbatim theatre piece conceived and performed by proud Noongar man

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 12, 2016
HART tells the stories of four Noongar men, including Ian, who identify as survivors of Indigenous Australia’s Stolen Generations. Based on the men’s testimonies and interviews, HART weaves together their stories, illustrating the inter-generational cycle of trauma and loss that continue to affect Indigenous communities today. As Ian himself says in the performance, HART is about sharing the silenced stories of his people; the stories the men tell are full of loss and longing but also warmth, compassion, humour and, above all, hope that the act of listening leads to greater recognition of Australia’s past.

HART premiered (and sold out!) at Melbourne Fringe in 2015 in a tiny 30-person venue, winning three Melbourne Fringe awards: Best Emerging Indigenous Artist for Ian Michael, and two ‘Tour Ready’ awards to present the show in New Zealand (Auckland and Wellington) and in Adelaide Fringe in 2016.

Your contribution will help HART hit the tarmac and continue sharing these important stories with as many people as possible. All pledged funds will directly support the work and help HART to eventually become a self-sustaining production that is able to reach even more people!

How the funds will be used

We have three seasons lined up in 2016 as a direct result of the two fantastic ‘Tour Ready’ awards we won at Melbourne Fringe:

Feb 2-6: Basement Theatre, Auckland (www.basementtheatre.co.nz)

Feb 20-24: Bats Theatre, Wellington (www.bats.co.nz)

Mar 2-13: Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, Adelaide (www.tandanya.com.au)

The ‘Tour Ready’ awards cover only some of the costs associated with touring the work. To give you a better idea, the ‘Tiki Tour Ready Award’ to NZ covers accommodation in Wellington and the NZ Fringe registration fee; the ‘SA Tour Ready Award’ covers the Adelaide Fringe registration and a $2000 contribution that covers less than half of our venue hire.

She Said Theatre has already contributed $3,000 to get things started and now we need your help with the remaining $7,500! All contributions will be used for the following:

1. Transporting She Said Theatre’s Ian Michael (performer), Penny Harpham (director), Anna Kennedy (tour producer/manager), and Shosh McDonald (production manager/lighting designer/operator) to Auckland, and Ian, Penny, Anna and Seanna van Helten (co-writer/stage manager/assistant tour producer) to Wellington and Adelaide.

2. Accommodation costs in Adelaide, where we have a two-week season.

3. Venue hire costs in Adelaide.

4. Marketing and publicity to promote HART in New Zealand and Adelaide.

5. Re-design costs and production consumables.

Some of my other work

She Said Theatre uses performance to explore alternative histories, re-imagine forgotten stories, and encourage a theatrical dialogue with the unheard voices in Australian society. Founded as a direct response to the lack of women in theatre, we aim to create more active roles for women and other under-represented artists in the performing arts, and provide opportunities for such artists to realise their skills in acting, directing, writing and design.

Our shows include HART (2015), Bock Kills Her Father (2015), Laika and Wills (2013), and Breaking (2012). Our aims in 2016 are to present our work to new audiences, beyond our home-base in Melbourne, to expand and diversify our audience base with a long-term view of having several shows, including HART, that are able to tour around Australia and beyond. Check out the video above and our website here: www.shesaidtheatre.com.


We are an unfunded, emerging, independent theatre company. Although we are very fortunate to have received the two ‘Tour Ready’ awards from Melbourne Fringe, we still have a lot of associated costs to cover in order to take advantage of the opportunities these awards have granted us.

Although we have very supportive partners for the tour to help reduce some financial risk through technical and marketing support (Adelaide Fringe, NZ Fringe and our three performance venues), we are working without professional fees in order to make this project happen on the tightest possible budget.

By presenting work away from our home city of Melbourne for the very first time we are taking a massive risk! By contributing to our campaign you will help to make this tour possible and allow us to continue sharing HART – and these important stories – with new audiences nationally and internationally.

Contact Information:

Anna Kennedy
Penelope Harpham
Seanna van Helten

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