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Jan 8, 2016 4:05 PM ET

Archived: The Robert Martin Foundation: Celebrity & Community Basketball Events for Charity

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 8, 2016
Personal Story

My name is Robert Martin, I was born in Oakland, CA at a young age being raised in Berkeley & Oakland area (San Francisco Bay Area) riding the public transportation & organizing my own schedule trips to different events & programs. So, over the last 15+ years I develop a strong background & an ability to share with people awareness of events in the community. My professionalism & diligence as a 31 years old, Creative entrepreneur it’s my mission to provide great quality ” feel good/positive environment” multicultural events & programs to educate + inspires children and adults.

I become professionally trained in the industry and soon launched my career with my skill set helping high profile & small business clients with their existing & new Businesses / Events. For the past 5 years I helped many clients expanded their brand awareness within Northern California though promotions to their current + brand new customers to be part of the different events or buy their products ranging from 400 – 30,000 people.

Business Description

As Founder/President of the Robert Martin Foundation, a Northern California/Bay Area-Charity Based Non-profit production and promotion company of multicultural community-based events & programs. Myself and others cater to event-goers which an undeserved market in general. Also provide fun, affordable charitable events for clubs/groups, foundations, small businesses, community and youth sports teams.

In 2016, The Robert Martin Foundation are dedicated with awesome integrity to be more consistence & reliable to the community in a positive impact to provide mixed events of great unparalleled quality entertainment that includes great sportsmanship games, concerts, club parties, comedy, keynote speaker sessions, business events, mixers & community awareness events.

these events includes ……

– Supporting + Fund rising 1- 2 local charitable organization & Presentations

– Including Charitable organization that offers Scholarships to H.S. Student Athletes

– Local High School Boys & Girls Basketball teams Appearance & Presentations
– Supporting + Fund Rising Local High School or Local School District

– Including Local High School Leadership & Event Programs
– Young Local youth league basketball team small event game & Presentations
– Local Business & Local Organization game day support
– Other fun-friendly community interactions & participation
– Live Musical Performances by Local Celebrity & High School Alumni
– NFL Alumni, Celebrity Fans, Community Members as Basketball Players with Appearances + Presentations

– 8 Potential NFL Alumni

– Voice/Film/Television Actors

– Criminal Justice Majors

– Music Artists/Musicians/Songwriters/Music Producers

– Current Colleges Students

– Professional Boxers

– Business Owners

– Voice/Film/Television Producers & Directors

– Plus Many More

– NBA Basketball Players Appearances, Interview & Presentations
– Attendee’s Sports Predictions & Past Reflections
– And More event surprises

What is the purpose of this loan?

The usage of this loan will go to the first wave of 2016 events on the following items:

Event Facilities Rentals + Insurance: $1,100
Special Guest + Basketball Players Riders & Uniforms + Referee fees: $1,000
Advertising & Promoting: $1,200
Sound System/PA/DJ/Sound Technician/Speaker: $400
A Great Long use Business Laptop & Business Phone: $500
Incorporation Structuring & Professional Services Fees: $350
Online Services, Website & Transactions: $450
Total Loan Cost: $5,000

The loan will help boost our marketing efforts, advertising, attract more supporters and gain working capital for the business so that we could plan more events and serve the community & groups.

Contact Information:


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