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Jan 8, 2016 7:52 PM ET

Panic Disorder Book Launch Support: an Aid To Those Facing The Same Challenges

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 8, 2016

Panic Disorder Book Initial Launch Support

Survivor of Panic Disorder mental condition penned a book hoping to help people around the world with the same condition cope, avoid suicide and to move on in life.

An Aid To Those Facing The Same Challenges

I decided to publish this book because the subject matter of mental illnesses is a Taboo. Not many people would like to talk about this issue unless totally necessary. However there are also people out there who are suffering in silence,feeling lost and helpless. At some point, panic disorder will move to the next level. Depression.

Efforts as Mental Advocate
Efforts as Mental Advocate

How Your Funds Would Benefit Others

With the fundings, to launch the book as the first step followed by getting support. Because being a sufferer myself, I strongly believe the book can assist especially youngsters living in a stressful lifestyle. The greater the technology advances, stresses advances too. I borrowed money from my best friend and used my savings to self publish this book taking high risks of possible failures due to mental stigmas.

The main priority of the funds is to officially launch the book to create awareness. The book is already completed and we just need to get the word out and get it into the hands of people. The funds would go into marketing efforts of the book and organising of possible speaking events and engagements following the book’s launch.

I have made inital efforts to share information about the book through social media platform and continuously seeking funding support to various organisations. My efforts began from proposals to fund the self publishing to launching of the book. Most proposals have been either declined or no responses.

Due to my existing panic disorder condition, I have not given up knocking on doors to market this mission in helping people cope. With your help, I am sure we can reach out and be a help to many others who are suffering similar conditions.

About The Book

My mission with this book is to share not only my stories of survival but most importantly providing tips that may be helpful to people who are suffering in silence, be it unaware of the vicious cycle, acknowledgement of the condition or even coping to move forward with a meaningful life ahead.

Cover of Book
Cover of Book

This book is important because when individuals slipped deeper into the dark tunnel of depression, it may lead to fatality from suicide. Besides sufferers, the book is also helpful for caregivers and loved ones who had been striving to understand their loved ones better. Sufferers often faced misinterpretation and misunderstood when the support system is weak.

The book is already available on Amazon, the funds you contribute will help get he word out and provide a resource to help many others who suffer the same condition across the world.

Back Cover
Back Cover

I am blessed that the Foreword of the book was written by the Speaker of Parliament of Singapore, Madam Halimah Yakob.

  Me and Speaker of Parliament of Singapore
Me and Speaker of Parliament of Singapore
Me and posters made for my advocacy work with IMH
Me and posters made for my advocacy work with IMH
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