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Jan 4, 2016 11:52 AM ET

Archived: LifePrint | Print Photos That Come To Life In Your Hands! : Print Apple Live Photos, Vines, GIFs, and more with this Augmented Reality photo AND video printer! For IOS, Android, and GoPro

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 4, 2016

LIfePrint is an App, a worldwide social printer network, and a portable printer that enables a truly unparalleled photo experience. Create Augmented Reality photos, then instantly print those photos directly from your Apple or Android smartphone. Additionally, you can share these real photos with your family, friends, and followers by simply printing to any LifePrint printer in the world! Every photo can tell a story using our Augmented Reality HyperPhoto technology, truly bringing photographs into the new millennium… it’s about time.

Here’s some of the great features you can expect from LifePrint.

But I Already Have A Printer At Home. Why Are You Better?

We’ll just let this chart speak for itself.

For more information on the LifePrint printer (battery life, dimensions, photo size, etc), see the “Product Specs” section below. 

We’ll give you a 10% finders fee when you get your friends to pledge for LifePrint. So for every dollar your friends pledge, we pay you 10%. Nothing would make us happier than writing you a $1,000 check at the end of the campaign 🙂 Check out this link for more details.


These short videos are of FULLY WORKING prototypes and contain NO computer generated animation.

Since we want the whole world to know about LifePrint, we’re offering a special Kickstarter only referral program for this project.

Here’s how it works:

Take the link below, copy it, and paste it into a FaceBook comment or a Tweet. Say something like “OHEMGEE THIS IS SO AWESOME. I LITERALLY CAN’T EVEN” (or whatever it is people say on the internet) and then tag us with @LifePrint.

Here’s the link: http://kck.st/1jmVmKQ

In return, we’ll add an additional FREE PACK OF FILM when you pledge for your LifePrint printer.

All your photos and videos are easy to access inside the LifePrint App. Plus, were the first company in the world to be able to print a Vine video! Not too shabby.

And to be clear, we’re not trying to replace your FaceBook or Instagram. We integrate with those media to make us a great complementary product.

LifePrint easily prints photos & video from YouTube, Vine, Instagram, GoPro, Twitter, FaceBook, & more
LifePrint easily prints photos & video from YouTube, Vine, Instagram, GoPro, Twitter, FaceBook, & more

The Perfect Instagram Printer.  

All your Instagram images are easily accessible and super easy to print and share within the LifePrint App. No more Instagram screen shots!!

We also call this Harry Potter mode. Our unique augmented reality Hyperphoto technology makes your photos come to life by secretly embedding a video into any printed photo. Magical.   



LifePrint Can Also Print Your Favorite GIFs!

LifePrint can print your GIFs and make them come to life! Share with your friends for a good laugh or to just blow their minds.

How Will I Know When A Photo Is A HyperPhoto?

When you print a HyperPhoto, we’ll include a very small watermark in the bottom right hand corner of the photo to indicate that this is an Augmented Reality photo. That way you won’t have to memorize which of your photos have AR and which ones don’t. We’ll also give you the option to turn this watermark off if you really don’t want it.

LifePrint lets you seamlessly share real physical photos instantly all over the world. Send a special image to hundreds of friends, family, and fans at the same time with just the click of a button!

And once you share a photograph with your friends they have the ability to “like”, “comment”, “re-share” and so on.

“Romantic” Pictures Welcome.

By the way, let’s say you want to send your significant other a private “romantic” Hyperphoto. We’ve got your back. With LifePrint, you can easily and privately share that real magic photo directly to your partner’s printer for their viewing pleasure … Not that we know anything about that kinda thing. 

LifePrint lets you easily take your GoPro videos and print them.


And to be clear, the LifePrint app can pull your images and videos directly from your GoPro. This eliminates the need to download your videos to other devices first – seamless.

Ruggedized Cases Available.

LifePrint is meant to be portable and you might want to protect it from outdoor or party use. These ruggedized cases were designed for functionality, tough protection, and a great look. And yes, your printer will still be able to print photos while the case is on it.

We’re also the first printer in the world for Apple Live photos. Now these great moments don’t just have to live in digital prisons, free your special moments and share them with your family and friends. 


We designed LifePrint to easily fit in your pocket so you can take it with you! Take Lifeprint hiking, camping, to parties, to concerts, to ComiCon and any other fun things you can think of. Share photos with your friends in real life. It’ll make their day.  


We provide a whole suite of photo editing tools including: 

And more!
And more!

And we have lots of filters to give your photo the vibe you’re looking for. Here’s just a few… 

App coming soon!
App coming soon!

Creating a product that’s super sleek and stylish is really important to us. Our team of world class designers built LifePrint to have a timeless design that fits really nicely with your other devices. 

Not only do we take the quality of our hardware seriously, but of course the quality of our photos as well. We have designed unique color correcting algorithms for our app that will ensure you the highest quality print every time.  

Put your photos anywhere! Sticky film gives you more chances to share your photos and videos around town or with friends. 


We should also mention that there is NO INK required for LifePrint. That’s right. You never have to buy an ink cartridge to print with LifePrint. We have a partnership with ZINK Technology for special photo paper that pulls the color straight from the film (similar to Polaroid), which means no ink will be required.

We have created some special deals exclusively for Kickstarter that keep film costs as low as possible.

As you’ll see from the chart below, we’re among the least expensive film out there.  And even though some of these Ink Jet printers can print out 4×6 photos, considering all the extra functionality you get from us (Portability, Augmented Reality, Apple Live Photo printing, GoPro printing, Social Sharing, etc), we know it’s a great value.

Cost Per Print analysis based on 'Quality Logic Group' industry report
Cost Per Print analysis based on ‘Quality Logic Group’ industry report

Where can I buy LifePrint film after Kickstarter?

After Kickstarter, you’ll be able to buy LifePrint film on our website, on Amazon.com, and in any major retailer where we’re eventually carried. And since ZINK Paper is already widely distributed, you’ll have no problem getting film from them if we all die in a tragic blimp accident or something.

We’ll even have special deals on shipping cost for international customers who purchase in bulk. film will be somewhere between $0.40-$0.50 per photo after Kickstarter depending on purchase quantity.

We make NO PROFIT on shipping. We’ll work to make shipping costs cheaper and if we can get a really good deal and can save more money when we ship, we’ll PayPal that savings back to you. But for now, please know that we are not trying to squeeze extra profit out of you on shipping costs. 

  • Printer Dimensions: 5″ length x 3″ wide x 1″ thick (127mm x 76mm x 25.5mm )
  • Printer Weight: 7 oz (200g)
  • Photo Size: 2″x3″ (50mm x 76mm)
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion (USB Rechargeable)
  • Number of prints on a full charge: 10-15 Photos
  • Battery Charge Time: ~1 hour
  • Device Compatibility: iPhone 5s and above. Samsung Galaxy S5 and above. GoPro Hero 3 and above. GoPro Session.
  • Film Capacity: 10 Prints
  • Maximum HyperPhoto length: 15 seconds
  • Printing Time: ~30 seconds
  • Warranty: 1 Year full warranty
  • Printing Process: ZINK Thermal Printing
  • December 2015: Kickstarter Funded!
  • January 2016: Engineering Refinement, App finalization
  • February 2016: Kick off Tooling for Mass Production
  • May: Tooling first sample quality tests
  • June: Final Sample Approved, Mass Production
  • July: Product Shipping
  • August: Product Delivery

We’ll do everything possible to compress this schedule and bring your LifePrint printer to you even faster! We’re glad you’re excited. Nothing would make us happier than getting them quickly into your hands.

Born out of a passion for photographs and a desire for freeing our special moments from digital screens, our team has been working on this project for over 2 years building the use cases, designing the architecture, building the molds for the prototypes, identifying all components necessary for mass production, and engaging with the supply chain.

This is the flow chart for the backend API and app. That unique ability to share photos acoss the world is what differentiates us. We've spent countless hours developing the architecture and flow of the app for a truly fantastic experience
This is the flow chart for the backend API and app. That unique ability to share photos acoss the world is what differentiates us. We’ve spent countless hours developing the architecture and flow of the app for a truly fantastic experience
Early design concepts
Early design concepts
Our first photo!
Our first photo!

We’ve spent countless hours defining the best possible experience for sharing physical photos and then developed a fully working Bluetooth version for iPhone. Though the app is not yet complete, it is currently well under development. We have manufacturing partners eager to begin tooling and building our hardware. We’ll make this happen on time!

Contact Information:


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