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Jan 2, 2016 8:29 AM ET

Voiceless Journeys Book Project: share 101 portraits and stories of some of Melbourne’s most inspirational people

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 2, 2016

Voiceless Journeys Book Project

The story of the project

Voiceless Journeys Book Project will share 101 portraits and stories of some of Melbourne’s most inspirational people.

Voiceless Journeys is an Ondru art project celebrating cultural diversity and raising awareness about the journey, struggle, survival and achievements of people from diverse backgrounds.

Voiceless Journeys shares the stories of 101 people who had left their countries as a result of internal problems or conflicts to make their life in Australia; people who positively shape our communities.

We do this through exhibiting large public installations around Melbourne of black and white photographic portraits with their stories of courage and hope.
We would like you to join us as we continue our journey from installations in community spaces to an enduring art form.


How the funds will be used

To bring the Voiceless Journeys Book Project to life  we need your support to raise $10,000

This will cover:

Layout and graphic design
Pozible campaign and credit card fees

Some of my other work

Voiceless Journeys is a project by Ondru.

Ondru means the place where people and ideas come together; where diversity unites. We are a Melbourne based independent non-profit arts organisation. Our purpose is to provoke thought and evoke change through art.

Ondru was founded with an intention to make people feel and think, a voice to express many of our human conditions in a unique manner through art and literature and with a desire to inspire positive social change.

We explore many challenging human conditions and experiences such as identity, individualism, autism, mental health, displacement and indigenous consciousness using many forms of art including photography, theatre, dance, film, music, sculpture, poetry and public art installations.

See detailed info here: www.ondru.org

On my way to asylum

The Mural Project, Passage

Shirtless Window

Moments through glass

Gishiki (The Ritual) 儀式 – Kural 6. Series                Speaking of My Land – Kural 6. Series

An Unfamiliar Face


The one value that sets Ondru apart is that Ondru is not an entity. It is you, me and everybody else. We are fortunate that we have professionals who have created and published books like this come together to volunteer their time to develop this book.
Contact Information:

Luke Maguire
Bobby Kuriakose
Desh Balasubramaniam
Stephanie Siriwardene

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