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Jan 1, 2016 8:25 AM ET

Archived: Canada Cafe Australia – A Deaf-Run Cafe

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 1, 2016

Canada Cafe Australia – A Deaf-Run Cafe

About This Project

Our Story:

Canada Cafe is a concept cafe to be set up by a Manager who is a well known member of the deaf community in Sydney, Australia. This will be the first Deaf run small business in Australia and will mirror the concept of Deaf run businesses that have been in operation in Toronto Canada and Paris France, both successfully operating for several years.

Trade block Cafe has also been operating in Melbourne, Victoria as it is a student run within the Victorian College of the Deaf.

Canada Cafe is the unique theme name for the Australian market, there is no other concept in the Australian marketplace.

Canada Café will create real work opportunities for Deaf people, breaking down the barriers that exist for deaf people seeking real and meaningful employment.

Our Logo:

This maple leaf cup logo was designed by Vincent Dion who lives in Canada and the remainder was completed by myself to represent the traditional maple leaf that are depicted in Canadian flag.

Future Location:

The Cafe will be located in Sydney at a location to be determined later, as the cafe may also include SUP hire facilities if close to the lakes/beaches.

Our Project:

A project has been set up to raise funds to establish a retail outlet and at a high level finance the following activities:

    • Lease / Buy a shop front for Canada Café;

    • Hire and train staff;

    • Shop fitting of the cafe, including furniture and equipment needed to operate a fully functional cafe.

The projected opening for Canada Cafe is the summer of 2016 / 2017.

Why It Matters:

This is a unique opportunity for Sydney to embrace a little known culture. The café will provide Sydneysiders an experience in a rich and expressive language that is Australia’s own. The café will also afford members of the deaf community the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents to the wider community from the management through all facets of operating a complex small business.

Our Team:

The team will be myself (Glenn Welldon) as the Manager and will have a barista and a cook to handle requests on a daily basis. Canada Cafe will be employing a casual staff member to cover the peak period or seasonal peak when it is busy or as required. These staff members will either be Deaf or CODA (Children of Deaf Adults)

Use Of Funds


Our Budget:

Canada Cafe is aiming to raise funds up to $AUD 60,000 which will be broken down as follows:

  • $ AUD 30,000 for shop fitout
  • $ AUD12,000 for salary
  • $ AUD 8,500 for 2 months of rent
  • $ AUD 9500 for start up costs

How You Can Help:

You can help us towards establishing Australia’s Deaf run cafe by donating either equipment, skill or finances, your donation will make possible this unique venture – Canada Café.

Due to the uniqueness of this venture, media publicity will be a reality in both television and print mediums.

As the entrepreneur / manager of Canada Café, I am committed to achieving the goal of establishing a deaf run café. With your support, together, we can create a unique café the first of its kind in Australia!

I seek support not just from the Deaf Community but the wider community in general, I urge you to embrace deaf culture, experience Australia’s own visual gestural language (Auslan) and an take the opportunity to truly embrace and celebrate diversity in our society.


Funds will be used towards essential equipment needed for the cafe as listed above, and the start up costs towards the cafe.

Contact Information:

Canada Cafe Australia

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