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Dec 31, 2015 4:45 PM ET

Terrence – Short Film: a short that we believe is funny, refreshing and exciting

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 31, 2015

Terrence – Short Film

The story of the project

Terrence is a bull. The ultimate party animal. It’s Janine’s birthday and Terrence is in love with her but she’s about to be engaged to his best friend, Stu. When Janine seduces Terrence, he and Stu must choose between the woman they love, or their own best friend.

Our film is a student film, and one that we’ve been working on for the past year. From pre-production to post, we’ve worked hard to create a short that we believe is funny, refreshing and exciting.

If you want to see a bull on two legs partying, roaring, drinking and arm-wrestling, look no further.

From the director, Hunter Tait: “Terrence started with a sketch. A disgruntled bull delivering a longwinded sermon on one’s inner demons, burying them, and their eventual return. This was coupled with a caption that read, “Terrence was no fun until he was turned into a 24-pack of party pies.” Essentially the tale of an anthropomorphic bull that was great company, but only when he was minced up. A friend pointed out that Terrence would make a good short film character and away we went.

While the story has changed markedly since then, I think humanity’s penchant for humanising animals remained gleefully intact throughout the process of makingTerrence. What I enjoyed was taking human expectations and social norms and jamming them down the throat of an animal. You can see how society loves this as well. In our TV shows, in advertising and in terms like “spirit animal”, everywhere you turn an anthropomorphic beast greets you.”


How the funds will be used

Simply put, we will be using a majority of the money for festival entry, marketing materials like posters, press kits and business cards and costs associated with distributing the film online, like Vimeo account fees. A small percentage of funds raised will go towards DVD production and postage and handling costs to send our materials around the world. We don’t know where the offcuts go…they don’t cost anything but we can only assume they get made into pet food.


Our biggest hurdle has been cleared, we’ve finished the film! But we still aren’t there yet. We need that little extra push to take Terrence all the way and we can’t do it without your help! Obviously Terrence won’t be successful at every festival it enters but we are anticipating that it will be hit with comedy lovers and we won’t stop until we’ve taken this film as far as it will go.

Production Stills

The Team

Director – Hunter Tait (right)
Hunter is a recent graduate of the Griffith University Film School in Brisbane andTerrence is his first short film. He started filmmaking from a young age, filming Steve Irwin-esque wildlife documentaries in his backyard with the help of his little brother. Always a lover of storytelling, Hunter began post-school life in a journalism degree, before changing to film. He counts the Coen Brothers and Wes Anderson as his favourite filmmakers and, in the future, aims to create pieces that both amuse and confront audiences.

He currently works as a freelance photographic assistant and filmmaker, specialising in shooting and editing material for corporate purposes, all with the intent of eventually becoming a feature film director.

Producer – Tom Herbert (left)
Since starting at Griffith Film School in 2013, Tom’s interests have been heavily production based. His major focus is on producing, directing and production design. He has directed two shorts, The Eleventh Day and Live In Five and has production designed several music videos for alternative Brisbane musician, These Guy.

As a producer, Tom likes to be heavily involved in the creative process, making sure that production value is being increased wherever possible. His producing credits range from documentaries, music videos and short film. Tom hopes to travel the world to immerse in foreign filmmaking before starting his own production company.


Follow us!

Terrence is active through many social media platforms and we thrive through people liking and sharing our content so get on it! We feel the love!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whoisterrence/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/terrence_short/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFiEiesk_1SodI83d…

Website: http://terrenceshortfilm.wix.com/coming-soon

Contact Information:

Tom Herbert

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