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Dec 31, 2015 8:22 AM ET

Diggers BBQ Franchises, Inc: the First true nationwide BBQ Brand

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 31, 2015

Diggers BBQ Franchises, Inc

Diggers BBQ Franchises, Inc Logo


We are Diggers BBQ Franchises, Inc. Our Intention is to build, grow, market, manage, & sell the First true nationwide BBQ Brand and most unique Barbeque QSR Franchise with the intent to be the Brand of BBQ Nationwide and Globally.

The Barbeque Industry is a $4 billion dollar industry made up of mostly mom and pop’s restaurants or large steak houses.

If you go to anywhere in the US and ask a local where they might find good barbeque, they will tell you some local mom and pop store. You will never hear them say a National Brand name recognized BBQ restaurant, Why? Because it does not exist!!

There are several BBQ franchise chains but they are so limited to what they do because for decades bbq has been specialized and regional, but I have created the first bbq concept that can go nationwide. How do I know this?? Because we have solved the BBQ industry’s biggest problem and that is “Regional taste” No longer will you have to travel to Texas for Texas style BBQ or to the Carolinas for southern style BBQ because we will cover ALL regional taste. Instead of asking for the nearest BBQ joint, people will start to ask nationwide, “Where’s the nearest Diggers BBQ!”

After 10 years of long hard research I have created a concept that will do for BBQ what Starbucks did for coffee. Coffee has been around for sometime now, but when Starbucks came along they took over and made it a monopoly and now when people think coffee they think Starbucks and that is what we want to do for Barbeque-“BRAND IT”.

The name of my company is Digger’s Barbeque Franchises, Inc and we will be The first Brand Name Recognized chain Nationwide and World wide!

Products / Services

BBQ Food, BBQ Sauces, Franchises,

Our Brand is represented by our Quality food, Exceptional customer Service, and selling The Best Value Food Franchise in the Industry. We are ground breakers in the food franchise Industry offering the ONLY Flat Fee Royalty Structure as well as The Only Turnkey “Equipment Included” Food Franchise for Under $150k Total Investment and in this economy We Stand Apart!! We are turning Southern BBQ into a Nationwide Craze One Restaurant at a Time!

Contact Information:

Nick Ruiz

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