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Dec 30, 2015 4:07 PM ET

Archived: Room in Room – Warm Winter, Lower Gas Bill, and More: Cozy, all-in-one bed tent makes winter warmer w/lower gas bill, laptop stand & tablet theater inside

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 30, 2015

Room in Room – Warm Winter, Lower Gas Bill, and More

Room in Room is an indoor tent, designed to conserve heat and make your bed warm and comfortable during winter. This is Room in Room: 

 Wow. All of these in one item? Let’s find out more about Room in Room! 

Room in Room makes your winter warmer most effectively. 

You might doubt, “Is it actually warmer inside?” Our answer? Absolutely. 

Room in Room is specially designed to present the most efficient heat conserving winter supply.  The special design of Room in Room conserves and circulates heat inside while blocking the cold air outside. 

The mesh on top of the tent constantly ventilates the air inside, keeping the inside fresh and comfortable.

We have researched and analyzed both the advantages and disadvantages of previously existing outdoor and indoor tents. We have designed Room in Room with intricacy and professionalism to manufacture the best quality bed tent.

Room in Room Size Chart

TC textile

Room in Room main fabric body is TC (Tetron Cotton), combination of polyester and cotton, which is very common material for shirts or uniform. It is soft and gentle on your skin and its cozy appearance visually lights up your room during winter.We use specially manufactured high density TC textile to maximize heat conservation inside Room in Room.

 Aluminum 7001 (duralumin) main pole

The skeleton of Room in Room is highest quality aluminum 6061, known for its long durability, strong resistance, ultralight weight and eco-friendly. Aluminum 6061 is commonly used for structure of aircraft, yacht construction, bicycle frames or up scale outdoor tents.

Super Clear Poly Urethane 

We use super clear and the thinnest(0.3 mm) poly urethane for the window and smart phone screen holder.

Room in Room comes in different sizes that fit your bed/mattress, closing out every inch of space where cold air could come in.

Refer to the size chart to find Room in Room that fits your bed perfectly.

For accuracy, we recommend measuring the dimensions of your mattress. 

Our test shows that the temperature difference between the inside and outside of Room in Room is approximately 10 Fahrenheit and it could go even higher depending on how you use it. 

Maybe you are thinking to yourself, “Why do I need Room in Room when my house is warm enough when I turn up my thermostat?” Then, please read the next section. 


Room in Room has lap top stand inside.  

With integrated lap top stand inside, you have private work station inside Room in Room. You have your own personal work desk right inside the tent where you can do work, finish homework, type essays, and many more. 

Lap top stand is not an accessory but an essential. Did you know that you are slowly injuring yourself when you are using your lap top in your bed, hunching over your lap top, typing with folded wrists, and putting all your weight on your elbows? 

If this looks familiar, Room in Room is a must-have for you. Room in Room lap top stand solves the problem by letting you use lap top on your bed in proper posture. 

Using four belts, you can easily change the height and angle of the lap top stand to a position that is most comfortable to you. The lap top stand corrects your posture by fixing the lap top at the appropriate eye level and wrist angle. 

Are you a movie lover? Inside Room in Room, you have your own private movie theater. By placing your mobile phone on Room in Room phone stand, you can watch a movie in the most comfortable manner you can ever imagine. Just like the lap top stand, you can easily change the position of your smart phone. You can make the screen closer or further away from your face, change angle and direction of the screen, and touch control. 

The screen holder, made of 0.33 mm super clear poly urethane, enables touch control, presents the best screen quality, and adheres to the screen.

We have researched and analyzed both the advantages and disadvantages of previously existing outdoor and indoor tents. We have designed Room in Room with intricacy and professionalism to manufacture the best quality bed tent. 

By using Room in Room, you can save money and environment at the same time! Today, global warming is the major issue. You can reduce carbon dioxide emission by turning off heaters and lowering thermostat at your home. Instead, use Room in Room to keep yourself warm and cozy during winter. Reduced emission of carbon dioxide helps save planet from global warming. Your action leads to a big, positive change in environment. 


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