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Dec 28, 2015 7:48 AM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Dec 28, 2015


“Com Fafe ninguém Fanfe.” This is the slogan from our city. FANFE® is the first craft beer born in this place.

“Com Fafe ninguém Fanfe.” Nobody messes around with Fafe. Fafe is the name of our city, that has as its main symbol the “Justiça de Fafe” (Fafe’s justice), and Fanfe is an unique expression from this place, that has given name to our craft beer. Four friends united by the passion for beer and love to their land are the creators from this project. FANFE® craft beer is a trademark registered in Portugal, still uncommercialised, looking for giving the next step in the beer production field. And for that, we need your support.

FANFE® is not only a high quality craft beer. It assumes as a mission the creation of a distinct beer that can promote the name from the city of Fafe. A land of traditions, a land of culture, a land of gastronomy, a land of justice. The video that is presented in this campaign could not be more transparent. The influences that make Fafe an unique town are incorporated in the essence of our beer. Fafe is Fafe, but it is also FANFE®. We don’t want to be just a beer, we want to be a symbol.


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Cerveja FANFE

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