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Dec 28, 2015 5:35 PM ET

Archived: Co-cheòl Debut Album: we mostly perform music from the lands of the Celts

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 28, 2015

Co-cheòl Debut Album

The story of the project

Drawn by GeorgieOch! Where to start? Once upon a time, there were four young lasses. They lived at the foot of bonny Glen Clova………nah not really, we lived in Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Australia. 

We four, Claire Patti, Georgina Walton and Merrily and Ginger Hansen, formed Co-Cheòl in October 2013 because we really enjoy making music and love spending time together. it’s truly a wonder anything gets done in our rehearsals considering how much laughing goes on! 

‘Co-Cheòl’ means ‘harmony’ in Scots Gaelic and we mostly perform music from the lands of the Celts as we all have family heritage from that corner of the planet. Delving into history to find music that speaks and connects to us, just as it did to our ancestors, is a wonderful feeling. We all grew up singing in choirs and this played a large role in our lives. Singing together in a group is like nothing else, and this is part of why vocal harmony has become one of the things we are known for. 

Two years have passed since we first started and we are beyond amazed at where we find ourselves. We’ve played all around the country – from Karratha WA to Buckland TAS – and what a journey it has been! But wherever we go, people ask us when the first, full length album will be made… Well, we’re doing it now. 🙂

Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without support and this album, our first, is so much about the people that have made the last two years possible. The people who’ve come to concerts, who’ve supported us at festivals, bought our EP, and encouraged us to keep on working at it. The ones who our music has touched, and who inspire us onward.

We want this album to be as much yours as it is ours.

Which brings us to Pozible. This enables people to directly support others as financial backers. All you do is decide the amount you would like to support us with, and then click on the applicable reward! We are excitedly looking forward to being able to see the hardcopy results of all the work, dedication and support over these last two years. Help us to make this dream possible!

How the funds will be used

All amounts shown are in Australian dollars.

Some of our other work

It’s been a whirlwind adventure since we started two years ago, and we’ve enjoyed every moment of it. Here’s a little peek at the last few years.

2014 Winners of the first Victorian A Capella Championships. We also came 2nd place in the National Championships that year, and were honored to be invited to perform as guest artists for the 2015 National Championships. We really like our vocal harmony!

Proud winners of the inaugural Victorian A Capella Championships

This was the first time we saw our EP. What an exciting moment! Finally seeing the outcome of all our hard work was amazing. The EP sold really well, and just recently we had to order the second printing! So cool. 🙂

The arrival of our EP!

We performed at the National Folk Festival for the first time in 2015, and were honoured to received the Peter Daly Memorial award for the ‘Best Up and Coming Celtic Act’. The Festival was an amazing experience. We made many new friends and performed with some great artists such as Fred Smith, David Francey and Liz Frencham. We’re also very much looking forward to being involved in the 50th National Folk Festival in 2016.



1. One of the main obstacles for this project is our inability to meet our target. Our plan if we don’t manage to meet this target is to get sponsorship from our families and local community.

2. Another possible obstacle is to not be timely with the Album launch date / time. We have planned for possible things that could go wrong such as our recording being postponed, and feel we will be able to meet our deadline sufficiently.    

3. More challenges include people not liking the choice of rewards we offer and therefore not choosing a particular reward. We have many ideas for rewards and would be able to accommodate a change of reward if requested, depending on what is suggested.  


Contact Information:

Claire Patti
Ginger Hansen
Georgina Walton

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