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Dec 23, 2015 3:06 PM ET

Archived: Cultivate & Nest-Coworking with Kids: A physical space where you can come get all your work done but where your child can be stimulated and enriched simultaneously

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 23, 2015
Personal Story

Hi, I’m Terra (and yes, that’s my given name, pretty cool…)
I’m an artist, a nature lover, a people person, and now a mom.

For the last 10 years, I’ve been a driven entrepreneur with what is now a thriving green business. 2 years ago I had a baby. Along with my perfect little Aria came the question; How was I going to be the mom I wanted to be AND maintain my business and identity as it’s owner? Growing up, my mom worked tirelessly to support my family and she set the example that allowed me to never be afraid of hard work.

But trying to be a present and creative mom to my daughter isn’t just about ‘putting in the work’. They say that it takes a village to raise a child but I’m not even sure that many of us parents these days actually feel like we are a part of one.

My dream is to create a community, both intellectually AND physically that can support parents toward the best of all worlds. Help them be so good at what they have to DO that it’s easy to BE who they want to be, not only for themselves but for their families, for their communities and for the world.

Business Description

Cultivate & Nest is the physical space that will be shared by the Cultivate Community. A growing group of people in the Pioneer Valley of Western MA who are committed to being great entrepreneurs and even better parents.

Our goal is to provide not only a physical space where you can come get all your work done but where your child can be stimulated and enriched simultaneously. No more days feeling totally isolated and staying up after baby goes to bed desperately trying to get your work done before you collapse.

At Cultivate, you’ll have more resources including professional workspace, amenities like meeting space, free coffee and especially moral support and creative collaboration with other families just like yours! In an on site (but separate) space, your preschooler will get healthy socialization and fun, enriching curriculum while being safely supervised by a loving and licensed early childhood professional.

Think of what even just 2 hours of totally focused work per day could do for your business…and your sanity! We also plan to make available a true community space where we can share our skills, our wisdom and creativity through workshops and events that help us all grow.

What is the purpose of this loan?

This generous loan will allow us to purchase a projector to aid in our community events. It will also help us to buy some of the more specialized furniture we need to supplement our free and second hand furnishings to make the space comfortable and maximize usability. We will also be spending a portion supporting another local business by partnering for an improved website that will help us serve our membership and attract new members. Not only will I be a daily member at Cultivate & Nest with my little Aria, but we will able to do all our work better and be an even greater support to our community.

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