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Dec 21, 2015 1:24 PM ET

Archived: Highlands Power, LLC: making our society more sustainable by developing the next generation of electrical motors and generators

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 21, 2015

Highlands Power, LLC

Highlands Power, LLC Logo

Highlands Power works on making our society more sustainable by developing the next generation of electrical motors and generators.

Highlands Power is developing an entirely new motor for electric vehicles. Our motor is smaller, simpler design leads to a 30% lower overall cost while maintaining the same power output. It also eliminates the need for a gearbox or differential, something no mainstream production car has been able to achieve.

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular with consumers, leading to intense competition between major manufacturers. This creates a large demand for new and innovative technologies that will help them stand out.

Highlands’ development team has over 30 years experience designing motors for a wide array of customers, including Ford, GM and the United States Military.

We currently have interest from major manufacturers of auto parts, industrial vehicles, marine powertrains and large car companies.

The electric vehicle revolution is one of the most important industry shifts of the century, and we are determined to help that revolution succeed.

Products / Services

S-1 family of electrical motors (2 motors)

The S-1 is our first generation electric motor. The S-1 motor is designed to run at the speed of the wheels, eliminating the need for mechanical linkages. Powering the wheels without a gearbox results in less cost, lower power losses and less weight.To accomplish this, a new axial flux architecture is used that improves power density by 20% while also reducing magnet usage. This new architecture can be modular, allowing motors to be stacked together to create custom power outputs.
Gearless electric powertrains have been attempted by numerous car companies, but current motor designs are not well suited for this task. A single S-1 motor can produce sufficient torque to propel a family sedan, removing additional points of failure in the powertrain.
Highlands’ motors are made with conventional manufacturing methods, standard materials and are made with as few assembly steps as possible. This significantly lowers the unit price to a level that is accessible to mass market vehicles.

Contact Information:

Conner Whaley

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