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Dec 21, 2015 7:00 PM ET

Archived: Help Lachlan defend his World Titles in Taekwondo

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 21, 2015

Help Lachlan defend his World Titles in Taekwondo

Last year I competed in Rome at the United ITF Taekwondo World Titles. I was the youngest member of the Australian Team and I secured 2 gold medals and a silver medal for Australia. The 2014 Australian Team was the most successful Australian Team to compete at any World Titles. I have never felt so much pride as I did standing shoulder to shoulder with my amazing team mates

Training recommenced within months of me returning home as I needed to place enough podium position’s in local tournaments to be considered for the national team again who will be competing at the 2016 World Titles in Brighton UK. In July this year at the United ITF (International Taekwondo Federation) Taekwondo National Championships in Brisbane I secured my position in the 2016 Australian Team and now the really hard work starts.

I have 2 special needs brothers who require significantly high levels of care. Our family does the best we can but finding money to fund all of my required training (which includes 10 hour round weekly car trips to and from Brisbane to train with the Australian team), securing all of my training gear, my gym memberships, tournament fee’s, etc. really puts a strain on our finances. Now that the location of the next World Titles has been confirmed the hardest work of all starts for me …… I need to find the funds to get there. Unfortunately the government does not assist athletes like me. I am from a small rural town so I rely on the generosity of our local RSL but there is not a lot of help offered by businesses or council.

My goal is to continue to train, continue to compete and continue towards my ultimate goal of making the Australian Olympic Team when I am old enough. I know the next world titles will require everything I have but I also know I am up to the task and I know if I give it everything I have I have a good chance of defending my current world titles. I just need some help getting there. I just need people to believe in me and I promise I will give my everything to making those people proud.

I don’t like having to ask for help, it makes me feel very uncomfortable so I would like to thank you all in advance for taking the time to read this. There are so many ways you can help even if it is just to share my campaign with your family, friends and/or with anyone who might be interested in sponsoring me. Every little bit helps and I am so grateful for any help offered.

Taekwon Lachlan

Contact Information:

Tracey Amodeo

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