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Dec 18, 2015 3:29 PM ET

Archived: Modern Dance Meets Quantum Physics: SYREN Modern Dance is creating a dance inspired by the mystifying theories of quantum physics.

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 18, 2015

This month, SYREN Modern Dance entered the rehearsal studio to begin creating a new dance. Support from individuals like you has been the backbone of SYREN since its debut performance at New York City Center Studios in 2003. Your involvement in this new dance is not only necessary, but it is a unique opportunity to be part of bringing its early ideas to life. 

The ideas for this new work… 

 “The process of dance-making is constantly shifting. It is filled with exploration of physical movement in the studio as well as investigation of the subject matter outside the studio.
My level of understanding on the subject of physics can be categorized as elementary at best. However, I have become enthralled by the subject and it remains an area of intrigue and interest to me. I believe that the search for understanding is part of our human urge. We seek this understanding in how we love, learn, and live.
The science of quantum physics is quite mystifying. Uncertainty Principle. Entanglement. My thoughts immediately turn to physical explorations and I see visions of dance. It is beautiful to me that we, as humans, work so hard to understand ourselves and our universe. Certainly there will always be mystery and discovery, but the quest for understanding is energized and it is current. I believe that we are at a very exciting time in this regard.” Kate St. Amand, Choreographer 

Why we need your help…
At this time, SYREN needs to raise $10,000 for expenses including compensating the artists and rental fees for rehearsal studios for this six month creative process. SYREN is asking for your support in meeting this goal.  

Now is the time to create and learn new material, to fumble, to laugh, to search, to learn what THIS dance will be about.

We thank you for your consideration at this important time in the development of this new dance. 

We wish you and yours health, happiness, and peace throughout this holiday season, into the New Year, and always~ 

With great sincerity, Lynn Peterson and Kate St. Amand
Artistic Directors, SYREN Modern Dance

Contact Information:

Lynn Peterson

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