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Dec 17, 2015 3:49 PM ET

Something New for the Paintball World

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 17, 2015

Something New for the Paintball World


Hi my name is William but my friends and family call me Dennis (middle name).  I have been a welder fabricator all my adult life.  I can make just about anything.  I have created many different things in my life everything from sculptures to fingernail decals.  Once I even invented a gold machine, but I’ve never had the money or the know-how to market my inventions.  I’ve seen other people take my ideas and run with them.  However this time, the process I use to get the finished product will be extremely difficult to copy without my know how.  This time I want to be the one who profits.

Everyone who owns a paintball gun (marker) wants to shoot something besides paintballs.  There are tons of videos on YouTube to prove this is true.   I have designed and developed new and different ammunition (non-lethal)  for paintball guns. I have developed two different kinds of shot for target practice (cannot be used in competition.) The first is a HARDSHOT and the second is a SCATTERSHOT.  The hardshot is the one you see on the video.  The scattershot is designed like a shotgun round.  What makes this ammo so AWESOME is one shot-one projectile or one shot-twelve projectiles.  Depending on how fast you can pull the trigger say 4 times a second and  you use the scatter shot you are talking about 48 projectiles being fired in 4 seconds.  And if you have a fully automatic paintball gun which can fire 16 rounds a second you now have 192 projectiles being fired in one second.  And these projectiles are .177 caliber  (BB size). The fully automatic paintball gun can shoot 100 rounds in 6 seconds and can hold 200 rounds.  Most paintball guns shoot at 300 feet per second which is over 200 miles per second. You can  do the math.   I have been working on this for the past two years.  It has taken many hours and dollars to perfect.  I have also designed and developed gun sights for the paintball guns that come without sights.  These are made of durable silicon and are easy to fit and adjust.  Now I need help to finally get to market.  I would like to start an on-line business to offer these products. I am not computer savvy and need help to develop a good,  interesting web site and store and especially  marketing.   Any money raised will be used to start this business on line and help with the cost of supplies and molds. I am hoping to raise at least $5000.00.

If you love paintball, you will love this ammunition.  If you know anyone who loves paintball, please share this with them.

Thank You for taking the time to watch my video and read my story.


Contact Information:

William Thurman

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