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Dec 14, 2015 4:50 PM ET

Archived: Worlds First Online Social Media Radio Station focused on youths in under developed countries. Talk, Share, Sell and Learn

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 14, 2015

Worlds First Online Social Media Radio Station

by Darren Jones


Worlds first online social media radio station focused on youths in under developed countries. Talk, Share, Sell and Learn


About this project

A Mission Based Radio Station That Brings Youths especially from under developed world To The Forefront of the western world through a purpose built social media website like Facebook, Blog talk radio and youtube combined, First ever done. The main focus is web radio however with a visual aspect also. Our aim is to empower and deliver a service that offers Youths who has an interest in business, entrepreneurship, inventors, musicians, artists, presenters, and journalists. We will offer an opportunity to get their product, idea, talent, service and entrepreneurship out to the open world via our purpose built social media and online radio station combined platform. We aim to equip them with everything they need to become well equipped in the chosen area they choose to pursue

We also plan to financially help and work closely with third world orphanages, schools, colleges and universities. As well as financially supporting these institutes, we also will use the youths and young adults from these places who has an interest in any of the above subjects. Our free service will offer them a website, shopping cart, radio air time, advertising space for both audio and visual, professional mentoring connection via (voluntary work) and support to see them bud and flourish in their chosen field 

Whatever they Produce, their interests and Where ever they live They can share or sell what they do to the WORLD via their own FREE website which they can design and populate seamlessly and which will be   connected as a child theme to the main website.Each website will by default broadcast our visual radio station which will be playing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Each website will comprise of a chat room, Internet shop, video page running 24 hour visual production (TV) and advertising space. Along with pictures, banners and menus which all standard website offers.

This is a great vision and we have a good team of volunteers at hand to make it possible. All required now is funding to change so many young peoples lives for the better. Why not donate to this great vision today and get your name on our “Made it Possible Wall of remembrance”. Also see Rewards for more goodies and opportunities for our supporters as a way of saying thank you.

Risks and challenges

We have had a dedicated team of volunteers who has helped us reach where we are today. They are now ready for Social Info Radio to morph into the bigger vision of reaching out to youth’s ad young adults around the world. They are all dedicated to seeing it through to the end as it has been quite challenging working with the existing equipment, limited resources, a website not designed to handle thousands of members and badly developed which has caused endless problems administering. So due to the fact we have been running on a shoe string budget, it has been extremely challenging and frustrating. In order to get our existing website redesigned with the features required, A bigger place we can rent for a studio for local volunteer staff to work in, which needs to include 2 dedicated studios with camera’s, a dedicated server, High speed telephone line, microphones, mixing desks, radio equipment, seats and tables. The only risk associated is not having enough time to complete the design ready for our speculated Re-launch of June 2016. We already have all our costing for all the above equipment, studio rent, website Re-design and High Speed Line rental including all projected fees for 3 years all included in our crowd funding target. So really the only risks associated is not getting the funds required to cover these costs in time, as I have managed to strike some really good deals with companies willing to offer a discounted rate on the high speed line, and and superb opportunity to secure a venue Ideal to house our radio station perfectly and in a prime location in London all below under market value. So apart from not having the required funds in time to secure those two needed elements in time before we loose the opportunity the only downfall would be extra time to shop around for something in our budget to take place of those we would of missed if we didn’t get the targeted funds in time. Anything over the target will go towards financially supporting our dedicated volunteer staff we already have in London and around the world.


Darren Jones






Contact Information:

Darren Jones

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