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Dec 12, 2015 1:40 PM ET

Archived: Healthy, Organic, Fair Trade, Honey Sweetened Chocolate!: Sold in 10 Whole Foods Markets – Cocofuel is sweetened with honey instead of white, cane, fake sugar or other JUNK!

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 12, 2015

Cocofuel is Healthy, Delicious, Organic, Fairly Traded Chocolate.


Cocofuel chocolate is made with only four ingredients -organic cocoa butter, organic cocoa powder, organic honey & organic vanilla. Each ingredient was specifically chosen to create a bar that has a unique smooth texture and delicious taste. Chocolate is meant to be enjoyed, so while health is important, taste rules! Because honey isn’t processed like other sweeteners only a small amount is needed to create a balance that doesn’t overpower the richness of the cocoa.

Cocofuel is not made from compound chocolate. Compound chocolate is a product made from a combination of cocoa, vegetable fat, and sweeteners. It is used as a lower-cost alternative as it uses less-expensive hard vegetable fats such in place of the more expensive cocoa butter -Wikipedia 

Cocofuel has sold so well in retails stores, including Whole Foods Markets(North Atlantic Region)and online for the past 2 years it’s no longer possible to make by hand. 

With your help, production with the co-packer is ready to launch in December!

Transitioning to a co-packer means:

  • new package design & production – $2,600.
  • buying ingredients in bulk – $3,400.
  • custom molds – $2,000.
  • fair trade & organic certifications -$1,000.

Any additional money raised will be used for:

  • new flavor development
  • diversify product line
  • booth at trade shows
  • marketing
  • sales to new regions
  • website redesign 
  • nationwide distribution 

Almond Butter & Toffee Cashew bars are 70%+ organic 

All 4 flavors are made with fair trade cocoa 

Cranberry Cashew & Toasted Coconut are 100% organic 

New Molds: 

Each 1.5-ounce bar is made with whole ingredients and doesn’t contain any of the following junk:

  • no refined sugar or cane sugar 
  • no preservatives  
  • no additives  
  • no soy lecithin 
  • no trans fat 

The video shows the current packaging. New package designs:


 Since this article in December 2014 there were ingredient changes.

 RIFit Magazine 

My dessert every night, Cocofuel, hemp & chia seed covered banana..sooooo good!

Thank you again for taking the time to learn about Cocofuel. Please help take Cocofuel to the next level by choosing a reward and sharing the yumminess with family and friends! 

Backers may choose preferred flavors or receive all four flavors!


We are so excited to be choosen to join BackerClub! A private community made up of the most active and influential backers in the world! 


Much thanks and gratitude to Michael Viverios/madvstudios.com for putting up with me during filming and editing!


Spectrum City for the original funky music!

$7 backer
$7 backer

Facebook Reviews:

A perfect alternative for a sugar and chocolate addict! My 10 year old niece fell in love with it; she didn’t save me one bite! Can’t wait to see it on the shelves in Colorado. -Robin D.

I have been desperately looking for a chocolate bar without processed sugar. This was amazing! Can’t wait to pick more up! Thank you for crating an amazing chocolate bar I don’t have to feel guilty about eating! -Nicole C.

Delicious! These bars are amazing. Perfect amount of sweetness…..even just a bite is satisfying. Great chocolate bar with 4 wonderful flavors. -Stacy M.

Question: What’s better than guilt-free chocolate? Answer: NOTHING! And Cranberry Cashew Coconut is a perfect holiday stocking-stuffer! So yummy. -Elise V.

Delicious and nutritious…this product is beyond perfection!!! -Amy M.

I have many food allergies and Coco Fuel is super yummy and safe for me to eat! I also love how it so low in sugar. -Natalie G.

This a healthy, clean product, perfect for anyone. -Richard R.

These bars are AMAZING! I found them at my local Whole Foods in Cranston RI and was delighted to learn the company is right here in RI. They are delicious and not too sweet which is great, they just taste like pure chocolate goodness, I’m an addict now! -Yanina B.

CocoFuel is amazing. It’s so hard to believe it is nutritious!!! If you love chocolate, you must try this! -Kim K

CocoFuel is a delicious and healthy snack -great for the holidays! -Julie H.

The end!

Contact Information:

Paula Charleson

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