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Dec 9, 2015 3:49 PM ET

LINCOLN BISTRO & CAFFE-a place to build experience

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 9, 2015

LINCOLN BISTRO & CAFFE-a place to build experience

Short Summary

Hi, my name is Mihai.
But of course, my name doesn’t tell you anything about me or about my project. First of all, I am a simple student that has a passion for eating and a problem getting money for maintaining this passion. As most of the students, I have found myself rejected by companies because of my lack of experience. Therefore, I am keen to create an iconic place to eat in a city with a majority of student community that will give students a chance to have an income, but most of all, a chance to learn required skills.  
Funding this project will not only help me achieve my life long goal, but will aim to grow the percentage of young adults that fit job requirements.

What We Need & What You Get

My goal may seem big, but a budget of 100,000 $ is required for opening a new business in a city full of big companies with lots of money. LINCOLN Bistro & Caffe will use the money you invest in rent for a place in the heart of the city, for a chic design that will make people want to take a look at our unique menu and, of course, invest in the best technology and people that will leave our customers with the memory of a perfect combo between taste, smell and looks. 
We must not forget the perks of funding the bistro, that can expand from official “Thank you”s on LINCOLN’s page to a one-year pass for a daily meal, or, for our international investors, to personalized kitchen utensils along with a “named-after-you” special recipe. 
If, by great misfortune we won’t raise the 100 thousand goal, we will not be discouraged. If we raise just over 50 thousand dollars, we will invest in a smaller place, or even a food truck, in order to raise the other 50 thousand that we need. 

The Impact

As I stated before, I believe that the LINCOLN bistro will make a difference. Of course, it will not change the world that we live in, but it will raise opportunity. By employing both experienced and non experienced people we can create a community based on skill exchange in the form of great cuisine. 
Also, the fact that our goal is big shouldn’t let us forget we are going to be a new business in need of publicity, and every little donation will help us. We all know that little by little, we can achieve anything. 
Moreover, in terms of publicity, I am confident that my knowledge and experience will come in very handy, as I have studied this science for the past years and had a few internships at companies that organized events and festivals. 

Risks & Challenges

Opening a business can face challenges, and in my case, those could be coming up against the reserve of the people I want to bring in the community. This can be overcame by searching for open-minded people, willing to evolve. A second risk every new restaurant takes on is the competition. Solving this issue may take a few brain-storming sessions and some sharp minds, but in the end, the future team will find ways for LINCOLN to always be on the top of the list. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Please note, even if you don’t have the possibility to contribute financially, there are ways in which you can help! So PLEASE share the campaign and tell your friends about it!

Contact Information:

Mihai Singeorzean
Diana Rosca

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