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Dec 3, 2015 7:37 AM ET

Digworld Travel: a simple business, founded on a passion for archaeology by Prof Mark Horton

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 3, 2015

Digworld Travel

Digworld Travel


The Idea

Release your inner Indiana Jones, making archaeological discoverys around the world!

…We believe Digworld is a simple business, based on our founders passion – archaeology. Founded by Professor Mark Horton, a renowned archaeologist at Bristol University and presenter of TV shows such as BBC Coast, Digworld is targeted at the growing $263 billion market (Europe and the Americas) for adventure tourism, and the affluent, fit and active baby boomer generation. Our aim is to offer a unique opportunity to take part in actual archaeological excavations whilst enjoying a luxurious holiday experience.

In our eyes, Digworld is a new concept, allowing people to take part in actual archaeological excavations at important sites around the world, whilst enjoying the pleasures of a luxury holiday. As a tourism ‘wrapper’ that could potentially be run alongside any of the thousands of digs we estimate there to be worldwide, our expansion plans see little requirement for ongoing investment, and we forecast monthly profit from end 2016.

The brainchild of Professor Mark Horton and Garry Pratt (archaeologist and entrepreneur), Digworld is launching with two projects ready to go.

With Digworld we are aiming for a commercial way to sustainably fund important archaeology within new or existing projects, whilst growing a profitable business. We hope Digworld will create a paradigm shift in funding models  – using a commercial profit making business to charitably fund research. We believe our model offers a way for new learners to engage with, and receive high quality archaeological training, on important archaeological excavations – combining luxurious accommodation, great food and lectures from key academic staff. 

We aim for each Digworld site to be singularly profitable and to deliver £6-15K in funds to the participating project. We aim to build a portfolio of 15 excavation opportunities within 3 years of operation, and to deliver a consistent, high standard experience for participants.

Alongside worldwide archaeology experience and TV shows, Mark Horton is also the Professor of Archaeology at Bristol University and is a regular speaker and guest on archaeological cruises and trips giving him a deep understanding of tourism in this area.

Garry Pratt is, in our opinion, unique in being a successful entrepreneur and archaeologist. He has founded businesses in retail, publishing and online including Teachit, which he sold in 2011.

Together they offer a blend of commercial, online, tourism and archaeological experience that we hope will ensure the success of Digworld.

We forecast Digworld to be cash flow positive in year 2 and making c.25% profit on an income of over £750K in year 3.

Contact Information:

Mark Horton

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