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Dec 3, 2015 4:19 PM ET

Archived: Bit & Grain: The Future of North Carolina Journalism: Bit & Grain is a digital publication covering North Carolina stories from mountain to sea. Every story, every bit and grain, counts.

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 3, 2015


Bit & Grain is a home for listeners and storytellers, creators and explorers, thinkers and curators. It is the only multimedia, narrative-driven digital publication in and about North Carolina.

Since March, we have canvassed our state in search of exceptional stories and every Wednesday, we have delivered powerful content. We’ve introduced you to new writers, photographers and storytellers and to fresh perspectives about life in North Carolina.

Bit & Grain is about inclusivity and depth, connection and diversity, conversation and substance. Our stories are heartfelt, artful, sophisticated and timeless. They represent a modern voice in a state rich with pride and tradition.


In North Carolina, we have always celebrated nostalgia—and for good reason: our home is beautiful and rich with history. But life here is also complicated. At Bit & Grain, we take a fresh look at storied topics and at complex realities.

Over the last two decades, we’ve witnessed the rebirth of our cities, powerful social change, the local food movement, and a booming arts and entertainment scene unfold while small towns have struggled to redefine their role in this century and recruit young people to stay.

Social media and technology are transforming the way we communicate and seek information. Before Bit & Grain launched, media that invited all kinds of North Carolinians, especially younger generations, into conversation was scarce. A reliable platform that used multimedia to bring powerful narratives to the masses, even scarcer.

That all changed in March 2015. We founded Bit & Grain out of a love for the state and a desire to deliver meaningful journalism to North Carolinians near and far. We’ve traveled. We’ve explored. We’ve documented. We’ve learned. We’ve celebrated. Now, we need your help.


Bit & Grain is the next generation of publishing. North Carolina is a state with an appreciation for the past but an eye for the future. We want a fresh perspective on life here. We know others do, too. Since launching, our audience has grown to 40,000 people, and with every email, like, share, and comment, you’ve reinforced Bit & Grain’s mission. We’re asking you to help us produce the next round of stories. The money we raise will help us pay contributors, report stories and grow a sustainable company. We’ll bring you more content every week and continue building community through events across the state. People say North Carolina is a lot of things: we’re here to figure out what it really is. Help us tell its story.

Video Credits

Photography: Daniel Balderas, Annie Cockrill, Sandra Davidson, Baxter Miller, Daniel Pullen

Video Clips: Angel Bailey, Sandra Davidson, Emily Kennard, Baxter Miller, Josh Woll

Music: Night Owl by Broke for Free

Video: Produced by Sandra Davidson

Special Thanks to Shirlette Ammons, Shorlette Ammons, Jason Craighead, Vivian Howard, Joe Kwon, and Mipso and our friends, family, contributors, and loyal readers and supporters

Contact Information:

Bit & Grain

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