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Nov 24, 2015 8:36 AM ET

Archived: Brite Solar Inc: a nano-materials company that has developed a transparent solar glass technology

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 24, 2015

Brite Solar Inc

Brite Solar Inc Logo

Mankind’s future may very well depend on how we manage food production, energy, water and land use. Solar energy production can be a key factor in this balancing act but the land demand is very high. Hydroponic greenhouse agriculture can be a great asset, but its energy requirements are high. The ideal answer is a self-sufficient and sustainable greenhouse technology which eliminates the need for external energy sources.

Brite Solar is a nano-materials company that has developed a transparent solar glass technology based on Die Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC) . The first target market is greenhouse solar glass, which enables the greenhouse to generate electricity needed for sustaining the internal environment. Using this solar glass, the greenhouse’s carbon footprint is significantly reduced as its reliance on externally generated electricity is significantly reduced or eliminated. This is a great value proposition for the greenhouse operator since it reduces the operating cost for the greenhouse by 28% which is currently the cost attributed to energy.
Brite’s technology is based on nano-materials which are ink-jet printed on to glass panels, eliminating the expensive and complex production facilities needed to produce traditional solar panels. Variations of the technology will also be used to produce auto-dimming glass as well as architectural glass for building construction.


Products / Services

Greenhouse Solar Glass

This solar glass is used to either retrofit existing greenhouses or in the construction of new greenhouses.

Contact Information:

Rick Orlando

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