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Nov 24, 2015 7:34 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Nov 24, 2015



I am a single parent with an extraordinary gift to triple jump, a track and field event only few can do.

Eight years ago, I walked away from triple jumping after a successful college sports career at Washington State University where I had competed all four years on a full scholarship. After several years, I felt guilty about having given up on some of my personal goals in the sport. I decided to renew and pursue the dream I once had of making the Olympic team for the triple jump.

I made dramatic changes in my life. First, I moved back to Southern California with my 4 month old son. A couple years later, I walked away from a well-paying management position. All so I could devote more time to my training.
In 2011, I was in great shape and at the level I needed to be to achieve my goal. I had climbed up in rank and had gone from being ranked 10th my first year back (when I barely made it to the 2008 Olympic trial) to standing in the number one spot in the USA for women triple jump and top 50in the world.

Unfortunately, I had an injury which hindered my performance. Injury was new to me; I had not planned for it and struggled to deal with it. I had mapped out my road to the 2012 Olympics without planning for life’s obstacles. My injury brought me to defeat, both physically and mentally. I could not understand how everything I spent years prepping for could be lost from one accident. It seemed unfair. At that moment, quitting sounded so good, however I knew that quitting was not a choice; I had trained too hard and sacrificed too much. What I had to do was focus on my great accomplishments and keep moving forward. It was time for a new plan.

My NEW ROAD MAP is in force and has been showing signs of great success. Injury is no longer an obstacle; it has helped me to evolve into a stronger jumper. I am blessed with a great talent, and I am passionate about doing all I can to see I use it to my fullest. The only thing keeping me from reaching my highest potential is the funds to cover my training and traveling expenses.

I am RAISING MONEY for MY JOURNEY TO THE 2016 OLYMPICS. I have relied on talent alone for the past five years; it has served me well. However, talent alone can only take me so far, and that destination has been reached. To get to the next level- the Olympics- I must train to my maximum potential and compete in international meets against top females in other countries.

Since 2008, I have relied on my income to fund my training, fees, travel expenses, nutrition and supplements. The decision I made to step down from a management-level job so that I could have more time to train has benefited my performance greatly, but it has also effected my financial freedom and my ability to continue covering those expenses. Past two years, I have been competing mostly local due to a lack of funds to cover my travel expenses. The local meets now present me with no challenge; I easily win with no effort. Being one of the top jumpers in USA means only few athletes can provide a challenge; chances of me experiencing competition at the local meets are rare.

Challenge is what drives one to excel, and that is what high caliber competitions will do for me. They will ignite my passion for winning, push me to strive to be better, and jump 14.50+ that I am capable of jumping. This achievement will not only get me to the Olympics, but it will also become the new USA record.


The Olympic qualifying mark for women’s triple jump is 14.20 meters; my best jump so far is 14.06 meters. As you can see, I am just shy from reaching the mark and I have not even competed to my maximum ability.

Your donation will help me achieve that. It will cover my:
-Travel expenses; airfare, hotel, etc.
-Competition fees/ entry fees to higher level meets in the US and abroad
-It will enable me to train more consistently with my coach
-Afford proper maintenance and treatment

Thank you in advance for your donation. Please send me positive wishes and prayers and share with anyone you know that might be able to donate.


-Top 50 in the World; women Triple jump
-Top 3 Ranked Triple jumper in USA
-USA Indoor championship Triple jump
runner up
-Prefontaine Damond league classic runner-
-Mt. Sac Relay Triple Jump Champion
-Oodegem, Belgium Meet Triple jump
-2012 USA Olympic Team Nominee
-2008 Olympic Trial Competitor
-WSU Female Triple jump longest jump
-WSU women track and field MVP Award
-PAC-Ten female athlete of the month
-MT. Pacific Triple jump champion
-NCAA Competitor
-California HS female Triple jump State
-National HS female Triple Jump Champion
-Four times CIF Triple jump champion  

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