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Nov 17, 2015 5:29 PM ET

Archived: The Mind-Body Makeover: Expand with us!

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 17, 2015

The Mind-Body Makeover

Howdy. Thanks for creating space in your day to listen to my story. My name is Christy. And I’m a yoga teacher. One of the many ways I define myself. In this great mystery of life. Very recently, I was immensely blessed. With an amazing opportunity. Two inspiring, supportive women – Alissa and Diane – offered me a yoga studio. To take over. And Transform. 

There was the briefest flicker of a moment – with fear – that I felt paralyzed by all the “what if’s” – of turning entrepreneur. But then my practice met me off the mat – faith and hope flew to my sides transforming the energy of fear – and I said Yes! Big. Full. Luscious. Salivating. YES!!!!

Because this is one of my many dreams – manifested into reality. By a string of serendipitous events – divinely guided. Indeed.  

And so, because this was an unplanned, off-the-cuff kind of offering – I am here. To beseech you. To inspire you. To offer you the opportunity to contribute your green energy to a space where others can learn the practice of surrender, surrendering to truth, faith, trust, hope and the power of love. 

Because that’s where I learned. Began to practice. And started to understand the language and energy of transformation. On my mat. In the yoga studio. And that’s where I want to continue sharing that gift, from all my teachers onto all the students who will pass through that door, up those stairs and onto that floor. Deep belly breaths of transformation.

So I’m here. Asking for some very practical needs to be met. The studio needs funding for the basics:

Mats – 150

Blankets – 100

Straps -150

Blocks – 150

Bolsters -200

Laptop/Ipad – 600

Website – 400

Decor – Eye of Henna Mural, curtains, lights, plants, etc. – 800

In Shapleigh, the next-door neighbor to Sanford, the Mind-Body Studio is ready to shed its skin and transform. With your green energy support, myself and all those currently teaching and/or practicing in the space, are ready to strengthen the pulse of consciousness raising energy in the Western Maine/NH area. This area is calling for a shift. And the Mind-Body Studio is answering that call. Answer with us. 

Contact Information:

Christy McKinnon

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