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Nov 15, 2015 8:33 AM ET

Love From Milan Luxury Womens Fashion Subscription

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 15, 2015

Love From Milan Luxury Womens Fashion Subscription

Love From Milan Luxury Womens Fashion Subscription


Our Story Thus Far..

We are a small team with a big passion for fashion and jewellery. When we started Love From Milan 2 years ago it was to create a stylish brand that focused on on-trend statement pieces of jewellery without breaking the bank. As a mother of four little boys I wanted to create one place were you could buy the most go to fashion jewellery from the comfort of your home. No more traipsing around from shop to shop. Love From Milan is delivering it in one place and an affordable price. 

Who Are We..

Love From Milan launched in March 2013 and is a confident, edgy and expressive jewellery brand that brings you statement key pieces to create or add to your wardrobe. 

Trends are translated from street style, fashion, and different cultures to a finished product. Each season Love From Milan will bring you our interpretation of the must have “IT” pieces as well as an array of TIMELESS classics.

Our current product range consists of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. We offer quality and affordability.

Our Vision..

Love From Milan needs your help to bring on-trend fashion jewellery for women right to their doorstep. We are looking to launch our very first subscription service. This will consist of a luxury branded box consisting of five statement pieces of jewellery. The box will be known as the With Love From Milan ‘White Box’. Our current branding is all black therefore our subscription box will stand out in the crowd. The subscription boxes will be available to purchase on a monthly basis or available in either 3, 6 or 12 month packages and retailed at a discounted rate.

Why We Need Your Help..

We need your help to launch our subscription service. Due to our success on social media and sales we now need a website to help us automise the sales process and implement a recurrent billing website. Your funds will be used to help set this up. 

The ensure our luxury ‘White Box’ stands out in a crowd and wows every woman who’s doorstep it lands on, we need some of your funds to help us with our branded packaging. 

We’re good on stock!

But we do need help with getting the word out there so some of the funds will be used on marketing. We have 10 highly acclaimed fashion bloggers who are waiting to get their hands on these boxes. We are also in talks with some fashion magazines to get a feature. You see a lot it going on in the back ground.

We would love your support!


Contact Information:


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