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Nov 12, 2015 5:10 PM ET


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The story of the project

“Your classes were fantastic, and Aaron’s a whiz in the kitchen with new ideas! What we’re eating now really is nourishing our bodies, and we’re gaining health too. Thank you so much for showing us the way” ~Alice and Aaron

“I left Sandra’s cooking class with an elevated appreciation and awareness around my health and well being and how food plays such a massive part in that. I was nourished, refreshed and felt so connected to my team (Lululemon) as Sandra created such a safe, nurturing and educational environment. I have loved cooking brown rice effectively since and hearing stories from my fellow lululemon athletica team members about their inspired cooking quests! This has since impacted my home life as well and has greatly improved my creativity and sense of order in the kitchen – much to the delight of my partner 🙂 ” Lululemon Melbourne team class

Melbourne Australia

Please be part of my community and you will be rewarded in so many wonderful ways. At last the much in demand cookbook can happen with your support !  It’s been inspired by my students, clients, family and friends.
Great recipes, as voted most tasty and popular by clients and students,  that come from years…and years… of teaching whole food cooking and food as medicine. PLUS great information on medicinal quality and health benefits of ingredients.

With your help to  get the book published, you will certainly be rewarded in so many ways.
Love and good health, naturally to you  for being so generous, inspiring and enthusiastic in your support.

I am a Wholefood Nutritionist, Natural Food Educator and Cooking Teacher with just over 30 years’ experience in importing, wholesaling and retailing organic and real natural whole foods. Aside from working in health food stores and health cafes, together with Spiral Foods, I  established the original Melbourne Traditional Japanese Cooking School in 1986 as well as health supportive Vegetarian and Macrobiotic-style cooking classes. In those days I was considered “alternative” and there were not so many people interested in my foods, as there are today.
Over the years thousands of students and clients  ask me for my cookbook. My response is “my cookbook is coming”. Being self-employed I have not in the past had the resources to create this style of cookbook.

So, how to publish? Crowdfunding is a huge opportunity for me to achieve my dream of creating and publishing my vision of the best of my wholefood recipes, nutritional tips and stories from my community.
Thanks to my inspiring wholefood community supporters, I am now collaborating with great designers and photographers, an editor, a wonderful cooking class assistant and have a special few who are enthusiastically willing to support this project.

My interest in health supportive plant based wholefoods began as the result of my own immune system challenge of cancer at the young age of 20. I had Hodgkin Lymphoma. I have had more challenges to my health over the years but with knowledge and experience, I have been able to overcome and maintain my wellness.   I will share more about my personal experience in this book.

I was once considered “alternative” and now as whole food plant based nutrition is certainly more mainstream, this book is timely. It is for people who want to maintain a healthy balance and introduce more plant based whole foods into their lives.
The stories and anecdotes are wonderful to share and of course the recipes have been tested and tasted over the many years, in many cooking classes. Be assured that the recipes will be tastefully and realistically photographed so that you can easily replicate and instructions will certainly be clear and easy.

I’m  especially  looking forward to bringing my wholefood community together to help create not only a recipe book but provide insights from past students and clients about why they were interested to come to my classes, what recipes and ingredients do they still use, what nutritional advice have they taken on board and other insights and feedback.

So, the content will be the fabulous recipes, tips, nutritional information, my philosophy, glossary of ingredients, comments and stories from my wholefood community participants and suppliers of ingredients.
With loads of experience, I’ve managed to incorporate all aspects of good plant based nutrition, flavour and taste sensations in meals to help keep you, and me, satisfied, vital and well.
My  passion now is to leave a legacy, the pinnacle of my career,  in  MY WHOLEFOOD COMMUNITY cookbook. With your help it will be done. It’s so exciting!!

How the funds will be used

My Wholefood Community cookbook will reveal my own favourite recipes selected from the many many classes I have run over the past 30 years. Naturally there will be great photos but what makes this specially useful is that there will be a whole lot of nutritional tips plus information on what to store in your pantry  and real photos of how ingredients are grown and made. All my recipes will be using plant based vegan whole foods- wholegrains ,legumes vegetables from land and vegetables from sea, nuts, seeds and tasty condiments, all super nutritious.

I am a big fan of medicinal mushrooms such as shiitake and fermented foods, like pickles and raw pressed salads and over the years have developed a great special reputation as being able to show people how to  use traditional organic fermented Miso paste in a variety of recipes.
Here are some photos of Spiral Foods traditional Miso making  and me shopping and making organic Miso soup for my students in class.

These delicious easy recipes are naturally gluten free & therefore wheat free, egg free, dairy free and I only use a few natural sweeteners like rice syrup, stevia or coconut syrup.
All recipes are suitable for vegans and non vegans who want to eat more plant based whole foods

With your help, I’d love to share 50-60 recipes and real food photography.
Hopefully I will reach my minimum crowdfunding request to share these recipes and really I am hoping that with your help, we are able to smash the target big time and not only present more recipes but  it would be fantastic to eventually supply the world with My Wholefood Community Ebook! How great would that be!

So now to how the funds will be used.

My dream is to print in full colour in Australia (yes I know that China is cheap but I like to support local industry) using sustainable sources paper and pay for the best people in my community who have similar passions, to participate with design, photography, video, printing and editing
The Australian  printing company is 100% carbon neutral, using non-toxic ink on recycled paper.
As I have many of my own cookbooks, I can see that they might look good but when it comes to reading recipes the books are hard to use. My Wholefood Community book will be user friendly, a workbook spiral bound, able to stand to make recipe reading easy.

Book Design and Final Art         $7000
Printing                                        $8000
Photography                               $6000
Video production                         $1500
Marketing                                     $2000
Food costs, preparations,testing $2000
Staff to help me with all the shopping, schlepping, chopping, stirring, photography $1500
My fee for all my recipes, nutrition experience, countless hours of preparations and more = priceless 🙂
Pozible fee’s and credit card transactions will be about $1600

Yes it is expensive to self publish and do it with professional support plus printing in Australia but with your help it can happen.  You will be rewarded for your support so much and in so many ways.

Good health, naturally   xoSandra

Some of my other work

Please visit My Story and In The Press on www.mywholefoodcommunity.com and also find recipes for you to start with and lots of great tips.

For more inspirations in health, using foods as medicine and cooking plant based whole foods please join my social media
Linked in
Instagram  @mywholefoodcommunity

me in my kiss me I’m organic t  🙂


You can see that I have set our target for this Pozible campaign at $15000 as if I do not reach this target , I’m not able to receive any of the funds at all ! (they are pledged by you now but not paid by you unless I reach the target)
You also read that the costs are  much more than target, but with your help I can get it done.
I am calling on  my past students, clients and health food companies personally by phone and email, to get financial support to make this happen. Plus a lot of time on social media and promoting at all events over the next 45 days. Challenging no doubt, but I am on a mission!

Support with the funding via this campaign is of course the big challenge. I hope the rewards are exciting and that you are all inspired to support for a lot of love, appreciation & MY WHOLEFOOD COMMUNITY COOKBOOK
It would be a dream come true if we all smashed the target.
Then you will have this unique cookbook by mid 2016. In time for good cooking season 🙂

Contact Information:

Sandra Dubs

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