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Nov 12, 2015 12:57 PM ET

Archived: Miss Teri: Join our community of musicians and artists as we use/abuse astrology to navigate our lives in NYC

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 12, 2015

Miss Teri

What happens when someone hands you the key to your future? Would you take it, or is it better left alone? When Dan reveals to her bandmate, Meta, that her mother is an eerily accurate astrologist, they decide to take that key. Well, mostly. Joined by accordionist friend Brodie, the three misfit musicians use/abuse astrology to navigate their lives in NYC. Each day poses a new challenge, and a new horoscope, that more often than not, comes painfully true.


There is often a disconnect between plot and music in scripted shows, where music becomes overproduced and causes the audience to distance themselves from the reality of the plot. What we want to do is feature musicians in natural scenarios, with naturalistic sound quality. Just like the musical Once, we want the music to organically occur, not be imposed as a device (well, except for an occasional music video moment.) When musicians need to practice, there’s music. When the band plays a gig, there’s music. In this way, we will comically display the highs and lows of both the creation of their music and the industry where they strive to survive.


How this all came about was that my own mother truly believes that she accurately predicted events based on astrological charts. She stopped the practice when she predicted a very traumatic event for her niece. After telling this story to my friend, Katrina, in our dressing room at Once, we began mulling over the idea of what would happen to you if someone handed you proof of your future. Could you control it? Would you deny it? Would you even want to know in the first place? While the plot will be centered on the band, the heart of the show lies in the character’s journey through their life and all its uncertainty. There’s a reason there’s a horoscope in nearly every newspaper, many magazines, why astrology has been around for so many years. Everyone is searching for an answer.

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Erikka Walsh

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