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Nov 11, 2015 5:06 PM ET

Archived: PAPER BAGS IN INDIA: manufacting paper bags and other paper products

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 11, 2015





The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How

The Who:
– Tell your audience who you are and establish a personal connection. What’s your background like?
My Name Winston Davis. I was raised in bangalore I am basically from christian family. I have more then 4 yrs exp in business development executive. I have worked with more then 4 companies. Though i have not completed my graduation. I have that talent to run the business.

– Who else is involved with your project? If you’re working on a team, we’d love to hear more about them as well!
My cousins who is helping me with this project. Still we are looking for a good team.

– Who benefits from your project?
Benefits of the project.
1) We can manufacture paper bag with recycle paper which will lead to less use of plastic.
2) Which will save the environment and many more things.

The What:
– What is your project all about? What goals are you trying to accomplish with this project?
The Project is all about manufacting paper bags and other paper products which will make it plastic free country as this is order from my the govt of india which is a plus point for our business.

Goals to accomplish from this project.
1) Recycle paper
2) Which this project will help rual people to earn money in there free time.
3) In india now e-commerce as become the biggest hit we can manufacture paper gift bags and boxes for logistics.
4) The main reason is to make it plastic free.

– What do you plan to do when the project is completed? In other words, tell your audience your plan for using the funds you’ve collected.
The plan after the project is completed.
1) purchase of paper bag machine and rent a suitable place for manufacting unit.
2) Set a marketing team for promoting paper bag concept and tie up with e-commerce companies.
3) Purcahse of raw materials for the project which we have signed up.
4) Start the manufacting of product.

– What are the Kudos (if any) that you are offering to contributors? Tell your audience how you plan on thanking them for their generosity and include pictures of your Kudos if you can

– What was your inspiration behind this project?
1)Help the rual people to earn money in there free time.
2)Ban of plastic

The When:
– When do you expect your project’s goal to be completed? Is it a short-term goal or a long-term goal?
The project goal can be completed in short term goal.

– When should contributors expect their Kudos (if they are being offered)?
Short term

The Where:
– Where will you promote your project and where do you expect your supporters to come from?
The main promote will be done in india. I will expect the supporters anywhere from the world.

– Where will your project benefit people the most?
The people holding these particular bags get recognition because it gives those who see them an idea that they own a classy product. Printing company name or logo on paper bags serve as a form of promotion or marketing strategy. Also, many people prefer using paper bags because they are easy to carry, neat and can hold a lot of items.

The Why:
– Why did you start this project?
1)Help the rual people to earn money in there free time.
2)Ban of plastic
3)Paper bag does contain harmful chemicals that will deteriorate our environment.

– Why is important to you and others?
There are bigger reasons why the use of paper bag is advantageous. Aside from being reusable, they are recyclable, biodegradable, environment friendly, inexpensive and practical to use. Paper bags are made from wood. Like newspapers, magazines or books, they can be recycled and produced into a new paper. Waste papers are biodegradable so they can easily decay and would not pile up on dump sites.

– Why are you looking for funding?
Funding will help me to reach my goal in a short time.

The How:
– How will contributed funds be used? Be as clear and concise as possible so that your audience knows exactly how funds will be used.

Land building
Plant & Machinery
Miscellaneous fixed assets
Preliminary and pre-operative expenses
Raw materials
Finished goods
Working expenses

– How will your contributors benefit from this project?
Based on the sales realization and the operating expenses the profit would be This works out to a return on investment of 29%. The plant will break even at 47% of the rated capacity.

Contact Information:

Winston Davis

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