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Nov 11, 2015 4:00 PM ET

Archived: MillionTrips: a bridge between Extreme Sports providers, Sport Instructors, Tour Operators, Travel Guides and the recipients such as Tourists and Extreme Sport Users

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 11, 2015


About me

Hi, my name is Radek. I am 27 year old Business Travel Agent who’s working and living in London. As you can guess my greatest passion and hobby is traveling all around the world combined with Extreme Sports activities. As a young man who loves to stay active and in good shape I am always trying to choose the right travel destination for myself and friends where we can experience an adrenaline rush pumping through our veins. That’s why last year I came up with the idea of MillionTrips as i found very difficult to get the right information regarding where and with who i could safely practice my favourite sports while travelling. 


Project aim

Revolutionary project that will create a bridge between Extreme Sports providers, Sport Instructors, Tour Operators, Travel Guides and the recipients such as Tourists and Extreme Sport Users

We want to create a network between them and allow in easy and fast way to stay in touch. Sport Suppliers will have a chance to promote their offer to the global audience and Tourists will have all the information they need handy in one place .


About the project

Our website and mobile app are a data base of all extreme sports, activities, escorted tours offered by local travel agents and unique “things to do” in the destination you are going to visit. It’s a first and only website providing this kind of information for travellers. Now you will be able to plan your dreamed holidays as never before and find local extreme sports users who you could join to, to practice your favourite sport. 

On our website in easy way you can find information regarding where you can practice or try for the first time your favourite extreme sport. You will find as well information about escorted tours and it’s providers. In a clear way you will be able to see their recommendations, full offer, prices and comments from other users. If you know any other place around you, where people are gathering together to practice their sports you can add it into our base and promote it for free. The same if you are running your own travel or sport related business and you’d like to attract a new customers either if you are travel guide, sport instructor or local travel agency. It’s all for free!!!

On this website you can easily find a place from where you can rent a bike, surfing board, go bungee jumping, climbing, skydiving, paragliding, cliff diving, quad riding or to visit local Theme Parks, National Parks, Activity clubs and many, many more. We cover over 45 different sport types and this number is constantly growing as fast as Extreme Sport field is evolving. Find other enthusiast of extreme sports in your area and join them for more adventure. Easy search options will help you find exactly what you after and if you are not sure what you are looking for, then simply find all activities by using the “What’s around” button.



On our website you can find:

-Extreme Sports, guided tours and activities provided by local suppliers (travel agencies, sport instructors) and see it on interactive map

-Extreme Sports fans who you can join to

-List of extreme sports and places of where you can practice it divided by water, land and air

-List of travel guides who will show you around

-List of National Parks, Theme Parks, Aqua Parks and similar

-You can compare suppliers, check availabilities, read recommendations and compare the prices

-Choose your sport and see where all over the world you can go to practice it

-You can suggest and add new places and sport types

-You can add your offer as a Travel Guide or sport/activity Instructor for free

-Contact suppliers directly by telephone, email, or chat

-“What’s around me” option will list all free and paid activities including Sports, Trips, National Parks, viewpoints, seasonal events, sport shows and competitions(map connected)

-You can find informations about annual festivals and sport events

-You can book travel insurance and car hire

-Find an inspiration from our Bucket List for your next holiday trip


The other part of our portal contain social network abilities, you can create your profile and:

-Build your personal Wish List of travel plans with ideas from our Bucket List and show on your profile what you did so far

-Share pictures and videos from your trip

-Promote your profile and gain new followers

-Run your own travel blog and share your Travel and Sport experiences with others

-Find inspirations and share ideas on our Forum



The Vision:

The unique feature of rating Sport suppliers and Travel suppliers can grow into First Sport and Travel Comparing website!!! 

This Project can easily become a first hand tool for all kind of Extreme Sport users and connect them together. They could find a new spots to practice their sport and promote active holidays among young people.

All suppliers (Sport Instructors, Travel Guides, Travel Agencies) can promote their offer for free and find new customers through us. 

This Portal can become a fantastic tool not only for individuals who are looking for holiday ideas, places where they can spend actively their free time but also it can become a handy tool for a UK based Travel Agencies (in the future all Europe and even globally) who will use this website as a promotional tool for their customers to make their own destinations more desirable.


Contact Information:


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