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Nov 10, 2015 3:26 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Nov 10, 2015


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This fundraiser is to assist a team of humanitarian relief workers to head to Greece for 2 weeks to volunteer to help with the refugee crisis. Most of you know that refugees have a HUGE place in my heart so I obviously agreed!! I am honored to have been asked to be part of this team. And you all know that I am one of your few friends that has just enough crazy in her to do this!! I will be doing this over Thanksgiving so, time is short!! I will need your help!!~ Thousands of refugees are arriving daily to Greece from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan with the majority of the population being from Syria. Hundreds are dying by over turned boats. Roughly 10,000 refugees are arriving to Greece to camps that are made for 1,000. Conditions are unbearable and intolerable. That is just the beginning of their journey. From there, wet, tired, dehydrated and starved, they courageously set to make the 50k+ walk to safer grounds…. We are mobilizing a team of 6 to deploy to Greece to assist Your donation will enable us to bring expertise in aid, logistics, and a supply of warm clothes, solar lights and solar crank flash lights. Please help us get there to share love and humanity to thousands trying to find safety and refuge for their families. Every little bit helps and thank you all for your support!! ~Love you!

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Courtney McCurdy

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