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Nov 8, 2015 4:51 PM ET


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Hope Philippines is an educational charity that aims to support the learning needs of children of disadvantaged low-income families by reducing or removing the physical, financial, emotional and sociocultural barriers, that would hinder a child from achieving their educational goals. It is investing in the future of Filipino children.

Hope Philippines works with schools, churches, and community leaders to identify and provide educational services to the child and families in need. In kind support is provided in the form of learning resources, bus transport to and from school and breakfast/lunch nutrition programs and other activities that seek to remove the barriers that hinder a child from achieving their learning goals.


The program has operated as pilot project managed by volunteers for the past eight years by the local church of Agape Christian Churches International a registered  a not-for-profit public company (ACN 072 266 892). The program has successfully sponsored 90 children through primary and secondary education programs in the Philippines.

The program operates from two locations in the Philippines; the city of Manila and in the regional/rural northern province of Pangasinan. The Manila office supports the educational needs of children who live and work in the cemetery. The regional office in Pangasinan supports children of families who work in subsistence farming communities

The Challenge

Hope Philippines project needs to consolidate and expand its program and become a registered subsidiary organisation.

It needs to move from a pilot project to be registered as an entity that is accountable to the Board of Directors of Agape Christian Churches International (ACCI) and  be authorised to issue tax deductible receipts to its contributors and child sponor partners.

Hope Philippines needs to raise $60 k – to provide the necessary seed funding capital to manage the initial set up and operating staffing costs of the program from Australia and in the Philippines.

How will  the Challenge be achieved?

  1. Hope Philippines will broaden its support network across Australia.
  2. It will seek to obtain Deductible Gift Recipient status (DGR status) from the Australian Tax Office or partner with an existing NGO organisation allowing child sponsorship  and donations to receive a tax Deductible Gift Receipt thereby encouraging others in the community to make a contribution.
  3. Individuals are invited to make an online pledge.
  4. Ozcrowd is providing a secure website that allows contributors to enter their credit card details safely.

How long will this process take?

We anticipate that the process of obtaining Deductible Gift Recipient status will take approximately 10 – 12 months

Potential Name Change

Please note that Hope Philippines is the current operational name and may need to be changed to meet DGR status if there is a similar or existing registered name. Contributors will be updated on the progress.

What will Phil Keys do?

For the year of my 60th birthday my goal is to cycle 600kms and raise the initial seed funding of $60 000.00

I will undertake a 100 km ride each month for the next six months. A map will document my ride .

If you would like to join me on some of those rides that will be a great inspiration.

Monthly updates will be provided on the rides and funds raised will be published.

Details are available on www.facebook.com/HopePhilippinesAGAPE

Together with my colleagues we will be documenting and making the formal submissions to the ATO office for DGR status.

How the funds will be used

The $60 000.00 is seed funding to allow the organisation to seek Independent DGR status from the Australian Tax Office and to cover the necessary legal, administrative and staffing costs here in Australia and in the Philippines.

It is anticipated that the ongoing operating costs will be approximately $120 000 pa.

Hope Philippines will seek DGR status from the Australian Tax Office as a subsidiary organisation of Agape Christian Churches International (ACCI) if unsuccessful will be contributed to a similar organisation.

Contact Information:

Phil Keys
Rowell Corpuz

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