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Nov 5, 2015 5:42 PM ET

Archived: FIX UP – LOW COST: giving a new life to your “old pc”

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 5, 2015


Tired of Computer Repair shops that leads us leather and hair? I have the true solution … The Fix Up – Low Cost Repairs to suit your pocket, giving a new life to your “old pc” and still has so much to give. The Fix Up – Low Cost differs is all in many different areas, here’s how … I did an internship at a prestigious company in computing and realized several gaps that led me to think … that opening a computer repair shop, of all hardware and Smartphones repair – Low Cost would be a good business opportunity and would also help all future clients a “Payroll” efficient but cheaper and a proxy for “public “and become loyal customers to” home “. Here in area businesses and the surrounding areas to work hand in this business it is overvalued, and does indeed lack a company that is “Friend” of the client portfolio.

To attend the stage in Informatics, I realized that many equipment customers took to repair were forwarded to other companies for a diagnostic laboratory or even to repair. What causes an increase of 50 to 60% of the repair cost value.

What is an “assault” the portfolio of anyone!

Not to mention the “normal” values the hour that the technical lead and sometimes lead people to prefer to buy new than repair at a price quite lower.

And with this preference equipment almost become “Disposable” not showing everything they have to give.

An update, or operating system formatting becomes a huge bill. After all those who prefer to “x” for a “Repair” when by “x” + a little purchase new equipment.

The store would be computer repair computers, POS and Smartphones, as well as whole and which hardware at low cost, truly low cost values.

Amounts less than 50% of the usual sites.

You need to format your computer? Add more RAM? Hard disk with a higher capacity?

Broke the screen of your notebook? Aims to improve the Graphic? Install Anti-virus? Forgot the keywords required to enter your Windows, Mac, or mobile phone? Has Solution!

As our store is different from existing in the current market?

All repairs will be made in our store, so there is the additional cost of having to send your equipment to the diagnostic laboratory, everything will be done in our store what makes the repair price is significantly cheaper.

We will also create assistance contracts with many companies and existing plants. Technical assistance hardware and software, made-to-face level or through remote assistance.

We can also purchase your old equipment and so and updates after selling this equipment to price much, much smaller and so people do not have much money available will be able to have equipment at low cost.

Of course we sell new and pre-owned.

By doing the equipment repair (when necessary) If the customer’s will may still opt for extreme repair Low Cost, ie the parts when necessary (and always at the customer’s choice) would be parts in good condition but used.

Of course, all customers who so desire may spread to the store and see their equipment to be repaired in time and get a new experience.

To clarify that all repair and equipment will guarantee shop and a repair guarantee within 72 hours.

Benavente, it’s just 30m from Lisbon, lack of a “store” so … Low Cost…

The whole country needs a FIX UP – Low Cost!

Contact Information:

sara formigo

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