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Nov 4, 2015 5:36 PM ET

Archived: AmaBookaBooka – a novel podcast about books and authors

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 4, 2015

A novel podcast about books and authors.
It’s a great way to get to know your favourite authors.


From Sci fi to braai fry, horror to humour, fairy tales to whodunits, 50 Shades of Grey to the pros and carbs of Banting- and everything in between, AmaBookaBooka is a novel podcast about books and the people who write them.AmaBookaBooka is easy listening, quirky, informative and a great way for readers to get to know some of their favourite authors. The podcast promotes books, authors and the lost art of reading. 

Each week we interview an author in a 10 to 15-minute episode. We introduce the author, ask him/her to read from one of their books, have a discussion to get to know them a bit better and then take them into the lab for our “Play it By Ear” game, which is essentially a “sound effects Rorschach test”.

We have produced six pilot episodes with:

  • Darrel Bristow-Bovey
  • Imraan Coovadia
  • Jani Allen
  • Stanley Mangong
  • Gavin Evans
  • Tim Noakes

The rise of podcasts in the last year (thanks mostly to the “Serial effect”) has been phenomenal and we believe this platform is the world’s next great media revolution. It’s free to subscribe and once listeners have subscribed they don’t have to seek out the content –the content will find them.

But while podcasts are growing overseas, and despite the fact that there is a local appetite to listen to podcasts, there are few South African podcasts on offer. Here’s an opportunity for THUNDAFUND BACKERS to be active pioneers in a media revolution and at the cutting-edge in the digital space – and at the same time promote local authors and have an opportunity to meet them.

We will launch AmaBookaBooka in September and believe we’ll build a base of thousands of listeners quickly and convince a sponsor that this platform is an effective way to engage with listeners – and for us to become a viable and sustainable enterprise.

To collect subscribers, we will embark on a social media blitz and distribute AmaBookaBooka on podcast catchers on iTunes and SoundCloud and on eNCA’s website. We have teamed up with eNCA, the online counterpart to South Africa’s largest 24-hour TV news channel, which attracts an audience of more than a million unique browsers a month (Effective Measure) across desktop and mobile web, with a further 150 000 active users on its mobile and tablet apps on iOS and Android.

Funds raised on THUNDAFUND will cover:

  • Research and script writing
  • Studio time
  • Admin
  • Marketing
  • Audio post production
  • Reward costs

We will also be producing an ebook called “It’s all about the Book: 100 writing tips from SA’s top authors.” After each show we’ll ask the authors for their five writing tips, which we’ll compile into a booklet. These tips won’t be included in the podcast. At the end of the season we will deliver this as one of our rewards.


Milestone 1 –  R26 000
The Tipping Point
This amount will allow us to produce 6 more productions, bringing our total to 12 episodes for the season, which we will broadcast on eNCA.com and iTunes.

Milestone 2 – R48 000
This amount will allow us to produce 10 episodes, bringing our total to 16 episodes for the season, which we will broadcast on eNCA.com and iTunes.

Milestone 3 – R90 000
This amount will allow us to produce 20 episodes, bringing our total to 26 episodes for the season, which we will broadcast on eNCA.com and iTunes.

Support Amabookabooka
Buy Rewards and share the crowdfunding campaign: www.thundafund.com/Amabooka

                                                 Author (and ex-boxer) Gavin Evans KO’d by a sound effect.Imraan Coovadia under the spotlight.                                                
                                                 Stanley Manong recalls the lighter side of life in MKTim Noakes banters about banting.                                                
                                                                                                         You’ve got to hand it to Jani Allan, the ultimate survivor.



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