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Nov 2, 2015 10:55 AM ET

Archived: Luxor 2 – The World’s First Auto Focusing Flashlight: World’s first adaptive focus flashlight designed to optimize light delivery to maximize the human eye’s central and peripheral vision.

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 2, 2015

Luxor was the world’s first digital flashlight that allowed users to dynamically adjust the width of the beam from 12º to 270º with the push of a button. Luxor’s OLED monitor put the power of information in the hands of the consumer by allowing them to measure Luxor’s light output, battery life, battery health, and more.

Now, with the help of your support and feedback, we’ve taken everything we learned from the first generation and made it even better.

Adaptive Focus

Luxor 2 is the world’s first flashlight that can automatically detect where it is being pointed and deliver the perfect lighting for that application.

Flood – Point at the ground for a perfect flood light illuminating the area around your feet. 

Wide beam – Point at the trail in front of you and Luxor delivers the ideal wide beam. 

Narrow beam – Point at an object further away and Luxor adjusts to deliver a greater throw. 

Lantern – Place on a flat surface (or point it straight up) to get an instant lantern.

Digital Focus

Powered by a high performance microprocessor, Luxor’s digital focus allows you to easily adjust the width of the beam from a narrow 12º to a wide 270º with the push of a button. 

Designed for Human Eyes

Luxor’s Digital Focus System (DFS) delivers perfectly uniform light patterns ideally suited to the human eye’s full range of vision. This delivers perfectly uniform light patterns ideally suited to the human eye’s full range of vision. 

Luxor’s light focusing capabilities dramatically enhance your ability to be more aware of surroundings where your peripheral vision can be fully utilized. No other flashlight offers this much versatility and intelligence.

Easily adjust your digital focus with new ‘virtual focus’

Now adjusting the digital focus is even easier than ever. Simply hold down the mode button and turn your wrist.

Manual Focus

In addition to the Adaptive Focus and Digital Focus modes Luxor includes two standard presets. Beam + Flood + Lantern mode uses all 7 OLEDs for maximum brightness.

Intelligent Display

Luxor’s intelligent display was derived from our Legion Power product line. Over $1/2 Million in research and development went into the designing the most accurate information display on the market today.

 Click here to learn more about Legion portable power.

Luxor is equipped with 7 ultra bright Cree LEDs packing 850 lumens of light output and strategically placed for maximum performance and versatility. One LED in the center of the reflector to mimic a traditional narrow focus that can project light upwards of 210 meters. Three forward facing LEDs on the rim to create a powerful wide flood light ideal for close quarters. Three outward facing LEDs for an unparalleled lantern mode for maximum utility. Light modes can be easily adjusted with the integrated digital push button switches.

Luxor’s included 5000mAh lithium battery lasts up to 65 hours at 100 lumens and changes out in a snap. It can be recharged up to 500 times saving you hundreds in just batteries alone. Luxor knows precisely how many lumens you’re outputting, time remaining of light, battery condition, time to charge, focus angle, beam distance and much more. All of these metrics are presented on the high contrast OLED display.

Luxor 1 vs Luxor 2

Though we developed a solid prototype for Luxor 1 we received a lot of valuable feedback from our Kickstarter community. We continued to make improvements so that our final product was even better than the original prototype.

Manufacturing Plan

We have successfully fulfilled 4 Kickstarter projects with our tried and true methods. We’re confident that our manufacturing resources, connections, and infrastructure will be able to deliver Luxor into your hands according to our delivery schedules.

Aluminum – Manufacturing Luxor’s head and body requires machining. Once the aluminum is in its final shape and form, it will be sanded and polished to create a smooth and shiny luster. A final protective coating is then applied to create the final finish. 

Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly – Manufacturing the electronics requires a printed circuit board (PCB) made of fiberglass base board with copper interconnects. Luxor’s complex electronics requires that the PCB be manufactured with the tightest of tolerances to ensure reliable electrical connections between the numerous components to be placed on it.

Plastic – Manufacturing the internal plastic components of Luxor requires a process called injection molding. Luxor’s spacers and holders will be made from high grade, impact resistant plastic. 

About PLX Devices

For more than 13 years, PLX Devices has designed and developed award winning products in the automotive, and consumer electronics. All members of the PLX team share our passion for innovative and cutting edge technologies. We hope that all of our backers enjoy our creations as much as we enjoyed designing them. Please feel free to browse our website for other PLX products. www.plxdevices.com

Our Kickstarter History

Project #1 April 2013. 170% Goal. $46k. Shipped.
Project #1 April 2013. 170% Goal. $46k. Shipped.
Project #2 Aug 2013. 468% Goal. $117k. Shipped.
Project #2 Aug 2013. 468% Goal. $117k. Shipped.
Project #3 April 2014. 463% Goal. $162k. Shipped.
Project #3 April 2014. 463% Goal. $162k. Shipped.
Project #4 June 2014. 4160% Goal. $416k. Shipped.
Project #4 June 2014. 4160% Goal. $416k. Shipped.
Project #5 August 2015. 1091% Goal. $272k. In Production.
Project #5 August 2015. 1091% Goal. $272k. In Production.


Have some piece of mind. PLX Devices Inc. warrants all PLX Devices Inc. products and Kickstarter projects to be free from defects for one year. Click here for our full warranty policy.

Our Team

Paul Lowchareonkul – Paul is the project leader and chief designer of the Luxor 2. He has successfully taken over 35+ products to market for PLX Devices Inc. just in the last 13 years.

Kevin Kwong – Responsible for firmware and electronic components. Kevin’s knowledge of embedded systems programming has played an important part in successfully bringing PLX products to market.

Anthony Chew – Responsible for manufacturing, testing, and quality. Anthony’s knowledge and connections with suppliers makes him a key player to our team’s ability to deliver products to market.

Ivana Trananovska – Responsible for the industrial design, and mechanical assembly. Ivana’s keen eye for stunning industrial design has been vital to PLX Devices’ past project’s visual appeal.

Patrick Launspach – Manages the social media and website content. His expertise in marketing plays a vital role for high performance product development.

Michael Sojda – Responsible for sales and distribution. Michael’s role has been essential to establishing a symbiotic relationship with dealers around the world.

Richard Ewing – Manages communications with customers across multiple platforms. Richard ensures that PLX delivers a world class customer experience.

Contact Information:

PLX Devices

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