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Oct 31, 2015 10:28 AM ET

Archived: The Best Coffee You’ve Ever Made… Now in a Pod

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 31, 2015

The Best Coffee You’ve Ever Made… Now in a Pod

At Pact, we’ve built our service around the idea that getting your hands on incredible-tasting, speciality coffee should be easy. That’s why we source our beans from the best growers, roast them at our London HQ and deliver them to the UK’s coffee lovers in letterbox-friendly envelopes.

Now we want to extend this service to coffee lovers with Nespresso® machines.

Pact Coffee Pods will let capsule coffee drinkers enjoy the convenience of a steady supply of speciality coffees in an instant, when they’re at their freshest and tastiest, all delivered directly to your door in letterbox-friendly packs.

Our pods alongside the coffee bags our customers know and love.
Our pods alongside the coffee bags our customers know and love.

Over the past 18 months, we’ve been hard at work researching and developing our pods to ensure they’re the freshest and best-tasting they can be. We’ve tried and tested a range of prototypes and we’re happy to say we’re close to getting them off the ground, but we need your support for the final leg.

Your support will make sure the pods of our dreams come to life and make it into the homes of coffee lovers across the UK.

We're making both long and short pods!
We’re making both long and short pods!

Like all Pact Coffees, the coffee that goes into our pods is roasted and ground in small batches at our Bermondsey HQ, before being sealed in their casing to maintain that delicious freshness – all within seven days of being roasted.

The first round of pods will be packed with Capim Branco, a particularly lovely coffee from the Cerrado Mineiro region in Brazil.

This is Capim Branco’s second time around on our menu and it’s been incredibly popular in the past. Ground and roasted for cafetiere, as we’ve sold it before, Capim Branco had hints of dried apricot, mango and chocolate, however roasting it for pods will reveal an entirely new collection of flavours. Keep an eye out for updates with our Head of Coffee, Will’s, tasting notes.

Will with Marcus, one of the farmers we work with.
Will with Marcus, one of the farmers we work with.

(in case you’ve not come across us before)

We keep things convenient and flexible. When they’re launched, each delivery of pods (40 to a box) is just £14.95 (including P&P) making each pod just 37p. And because they come in letterbox-friendly boxes, all you have to do is wait for the postie to get them to you.


Risks and challenges

We’re hoping to have the final pod down by the end of the Kickstarter campaign. We’re pleased to say we’re really close to having them ready, but we’re still tasting and testing to make sure they produce the best cup of coffee possible.

When it comes to fulfilment, we’re really confident we can deliver on our rewards. As an established business, we already roast, grind, pack and send thousands of bags of coffee every day from our roastery in Bermondsey. We are confident that we have both a strong plan backed by an amazing team to fulfil all rewards to time.

We eventually want to get the machinery to fill the pods ourselves but for now we rely on a third party to fill and seal the pods. Even though we have a great relationship with our filling contractor, on very rare occasions issues can arise on their part which can cause small delays to pod production.

Depending on demand, we may have to get more of a particular type of pod if necessary which could cause a small delay.

Contact Information:

david lewis

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