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Oct 30, 2015 12:59 PM ET

The Gwenyambira Campaign

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 30, 2015

The Gwenyambira Campaign

My Name is Michael Chikowore and I am a Gwenyambira musician. My passion is making music with the ancient African instrument called the Mbira. About a year ago I started a band with some fellow musicians who have been involved in the music industry for a long time. I wanted to bring together these talented people and work with them in the making of a special kind of sound; Chimurenga – African cultural fusion. I’m proud to say we have done this and our band is called Mike Music Gwenyambira and the Big Mbiras of the Ancestors.

Those familiar with my music might be surprised to hear that this time my mbiras and vocals are mixed with guitar, bass guitar, drums, and backing vocals, all of which bring about a refreshing new sound; something mellow but upbeat, that gets people ready to dance and celebrate together.

So here we are; a newly formed band with a tight new sound in Cape Town that represents the Zimbabwean Music Scene and heritage with energy and commitment. It is as such that we approach you, our friends, supporters, fellow musicians and music lovers to ask for your support to help us complete the recording of our first album entitled Rwendo Rweupenyu or The Journey of Life which we plan to launch here in Cape Town.

This album is about the lessons we learn and the growth we experience in life as we follow our unique and sometimes uncertain paths. In our music we find the expression of our personal truths, something with speaks to the shared experience of being alive.

We have recorded this album independently, which ensures our sound can remain authentic and that more of the money that gets generated from our music can go back to us the artists, as opposed to the pockets of a large record label. We hope this will enable to commit our time more fully to our work as musicians. The challenge however, is that we have to fund all recording expenses on our own which is expensive as you have to cover recording time, as well as fund transport, food, mastering of the tracks and mixing and paying the musicians.

We’re crowdfunding!

So this is where we hope you will be able to help. Through this campaign we are aiming to raise is R25,000. This money will cover the above expenses and it also leaves us with some funds left over to print and burn our album onto CDs ready to sell, and some funds to market the CD.

By completing this album we will be able to get our music out there to the public and into the South African music market, which will help us secure potential gigs and venues and it will be a great positive step for us towards our goals, which is to be successful musicians playing a beautiful mix of the sounds of our forefathers and a fresh new take on the Zimbabwean fusion sounds of Chimurenga.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and support us in continuing what we love to do; make music! Because music brings joy, and for us no music means no life.

Yours in Chimurenga,
Michael Chikowore

Our Milestones

Milestone 1: R5,000
The Tipping Point – We reach this Milestone and our album is A-GO!
This will allow us to host on a launch gig for our album, so even if we only make this much we can still continue our  fundraising adventure by performing live.

Milestone 2: R17,000
This will cover recording, mastering and mixing of tracks, CD burning and printing and some left over to market the album.

Milestone 3: R25,000
This will cover recording, mastering and mixing of tracks, cd burning and printing, transport  for the artists and some left over to  market the album and put on an awesome launch gig.

What you’ll get for your pledge…

Have a look at some of the rewards that we have made for you all by looking above at ‘Browse & Buy Rewards’
Seeming that you all have a keen ear for Zimbabwean music, and a good beat, we think you’ll reay like what I have to offer.

Spread the Word!
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Mike Music and the Big Mbiras of the Ancestors

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