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Oct 29, 2015 6:52 PM ET

Archived: Let’s Build A Solar Powered Commercial Kitchen

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 29, 2015

Let’s Build A Solar Powered Commercial Kitchen

“Deano’s idea for building a solar powered kitchen that local small businesses can use to leap IMMEDIATELY into production is FANTASTIC and sorely needed here in Brunswick” – Elisa Grassa, Business Development Officer | Moreland City Council

Your support will help us build a communal solar-powered commercial kitchen in the heart of Brunswick, Victoria, Australia.

We’re creating a sustainable food production site for rent to community groups, non-profit organisations and emerging ethical food producing small businesses.

“Ethically produced at 54 Hope St. Brunswick” can be stamped on your food as it comes out of our new kitchen.

What is ethical food? We’re defining it as food produced:

  • without carbon expensive factory farmed ingredients
  • with 100% (preferably on site produced) renewable energy
  • with locally grown, as organic as possible, ingredients

This is another Good Brew initiative towards improving our community’s access to healthy, sustainable minimally-processed foods and our local food providers.

The Good Brew HQ is an NBN connected communal workspace and distribution centre for Good Brew Kombucha. In July this year we installed 68 solar panels making our site operate carbon neutral during sunny days! When we buy batteries we plan to have the entire warehouse energy-self sufficient.

We already offer:

  • Communal office space for rent ( ($10 to $40 per day – access to NBN, meeting rooms, kitchen and bar)
  • Community garden and composting facilities at the front door.
  • Free space for local art happenings

With your crowd funding support and the kitchen operational, we will offer (with valid permits):

  • Communal kitchen for rent ($50 per hour, $190 per day, $500 for three days, $700 for 5 days) comes with free office usage.
  • A ride through bottle shop with kegs of local craft brews and reverse osmosis alkaline water on tap. (Bring Your Own Bottles)
  • A better way of producing and sharing ethical food.

Through self financing and a host of community working bees we are well on our way to registering this solar-powered, food-safe, commercial kitchen. What we need now is:

  • $15000 to pay the deposit for the kitchen cold room
  • $7600 for a combi oven (multi levelled electric steam/dry oven)
  • $1300 for an induction stove
  • $7500 for the completion of the kitchen cold room
  • $8600 for project management, permit fees and associated construction.

Would you like a discount price on:

  • a case of kombucha for you or your business?
  • a brew kit so you can start brewing your own magic drinks?
  • a months rent of our productive workspace with NBN?
  • a weeks rental of our brand new commercial kitchen?

And a myriad of Good Brew merchandise, keg parties and other perks?

Contribute to this crowd funding venture and enjoy. 🙂

Contact Information:

The Good Brew Company

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