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Oct 29, 2015 2:10 PM ET

Earthquake Disaster Pakistan: Save Lives

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 29, 2015

Earthquake Disaster Pakistan

On Monday October 26th, 2015  an earthquake of 8.1 magnitude hit northern Pakistan killing over 260 people, injuring more than 1800 and thousands of collapsed houses. We are Canadian Citizens currently in Pakistan aiming to personally distribute the donations collected through this campaign to the victims of earthquake.The earthquake left behind injured, handicapped and families mourning the loss of loved ones. The northern parts of Pakistan where the average family makes less then $3 a day got hit by this disastrous calamity killing mothers, fathers leaving behind young orphans. 

Who We Are 

Amal Butt: A Canadian citizen , Law student and a human rights activist currently in Pakistan working for earthquake victims.

Wijiha Tahir: A Canadian citizen , Law student in Pakistan working towards the betterment of orphans and children in Pakistan.

Their aim is to help injured victims , shattered families and young orphans in this sad and dark moment of their life by providing them with medical help, blankets , food and shelter. For further inquiries please contact us at : [email protected]  [email protected]

Urgently Needed Funds

Please contribute generously for those poor victims to provide medical help, blankets , clothes and helping them rebuild their home. Your contribution is much needed now since thousands of people face the threat of imminent death due to sickness, disease and cold weather conditions. Every hour wasted can claim someones life!

Aim of This Fundraising

This project is aimed at providing the much needed help ASAP before more lives are lost and by providing an outlet to help the victims and also provide an opportunity to help humanity and making sure that your contributions reach the deserving .Please make donations generously since YOUR DONATIONS CAN SAVE SOMEONES LIFE. 

Save someones Life!


Contact Information:

Amal Butt

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